The videos of the “no parties” that triggered the contagion of Covid in Alfaro until his confinement

The Riojan municipality of Alfaro had to be confined in early September after registering one of the highest rates of Covid-19 in all of Spain. The origin of the contagions was in the celebration of what was called “No parties”. Alfaro, of about 9,500 inhabitants, celebrates its patron saint festivities between August 14 and 20. Although recreational activities were restricted in this edition, The videos published by ABC show how dozens of young people celebrated the holidays in style, singing and dancing without masks in two cocktail bars.

This newspaper has contacted the Rioja City Council to find out why these scenes were allowed. Mayor, Julian Angel Jimenez, has sent the query to the Alfaro Councilor for Celebrations, Youth and Sports and a socialist deputy in Congress Rachel Pedraja, who, at the moment, has not been able to answer the call from ABC.

Raquel Pedraja, Councilor for Celebrations, Youth and Sports of Alfaro and Socialist deputy

After the incubation period, the first three cases emerged, which forced isolate 50 young people from the municipality. From there, the positives soared and, after detecting 23, on September 8, from midnight, all public spaces were closed and the population was confined by a security perimeter to prevent the virus from spreading to other municipalities . The infection rate in the Riojan municipality shot up to 3,000, when the national average was 230 per 100,000 inhabitants, that is, it was multiplied by 13.

The regional government of Concha Andreu justified the forceful measure in view of the “generalized community transmission in the municipality.” The counselor, Sara Alba, recognized that the celebration of “non-parties” was the turning point that triggered the contagion: “It is irresponsible to think that the COVID-19 It only affects older people and that it will not touch me. I dedicate this message especially to the youngest, as the group that broadens their social circle, “he said.



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