The ODFW YouTube channel of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (USA) has published a video explaining how to act in case we meet a wild wolf and how to prevent the animal from attacking us, according to Gizmodo.

In the images, a worker of the American organization came across a wolf when she was monitoring the movements of the forest fauna, so she took the opportunity to offer her subscribers a behavioral analysis of these animals and a series of recommendations on what to do if we meet one.

Our natural instinct tells us that the right thing to do is to run and run away from it. However, the professional explains that it is important to act in a completely opposite way. The first thing we have to do is let the animal know that we are there, either yelling or speaking loudly, or getting up if we are sitting and moving arms to see us.

The normal thing, as he assures in the video, is that the wolf leaves when he notices that we are there. But if instead of leaving the area keeps approaching or behaving aggressively it is essential that we remain calm and do not turn our backs on him.

If there are children with us, we will have to raise them. While if we are accompanied by our dogs we will have to tie them with the leash. Once we have done this, we will have to leave the field without turning, always facing the animal.

Furthermore, we must keep making noise or screaming with the aim of becoming great so that he does not see us as prey. We can also throw some object at them that we have on hand to scare and drive him away.

In the event that the wolf try to attack us, the department advises that we defend ourselves by fighting back. “Use spray for bears or mace, it is very effective to deter any large predator,” they explain.

Generally, wolves, either alone or in packs, avoid contact with humans except that they are used to its presence, something that usually happens when groups of people have fed them before or when they get food in camps or garbage dumps.