The cycling world does not hide its outrage over the death of a man who was brutally dressed when he circulated with his bicycle in Colombia and lost his life after falling from a height of 8 meters.

The events occurred in an elevated bridge for traffic located near the town of Chía, 10 kilometers from Bogotá. It was then that a white truck rammed the bikeay he fled without caring the least bit about the victim ..

This was fired as a result of the strong impact and fell from a height of eight meters, up to the road that passed underneath.

Shortly after, the man was transferred to the La Sabana de Bogota Clinic, where his death was confirmed, as reported by the Cundinamarca Traffic Police, the province where the incident occurred.

When the images of the hit-and-run came to light outrage gripped netizens, to the point that the video went viral. In fact, familiar faces of cycling such as the champion of the Tour of FranciaEgan Bernal they shared the images in order to locate the driver of the truck for justice to be done.

In any case, the brutality of the hit and the defenselessness of the cyclist It caused a wave of reactions of all kinds and there were those who even recorded from their car how is the road in the area of ​​the event, to show that the driver of the truck has no excuse for committing such an outrage.