The Venezuelan government now persecutes people “with a foreign accent”

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The government of Nicolás Maduro denounced alleged plans of acts to “generate violence” by groups sent by Colombia and the United States.

The number two of the Venezuelan regime, Diosdado Cabello, on Tuesday asked the militants of the ruling party to report the presence of people with a foreign accent, as he claimed to have information on alleged acts to “generate violence.”

“Immediately inform (of) any strange movement, the arrival of people who are not from the street, the arrival of people who are not from the communities, of people who do not have a Venezuelan accent, who have a foreign accent,” claimed Cabello, Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), at a press conference of the ruling party.

Cabello assured that he has “precise information that part of the instructions given to the lackeys”, a name by which he usually refers to part of the opponents who, according to him, respond to the United States, is “generate violence” and “bring to Venezuela the violence of Colombia.”

Venezuela is a country that, throughout the 20th century, received large waves of migrants from Europe, Arab and Latin American countries in large numbers, so it is very common to hear accents other than Venezuelan in the streets or commercial establishments.

Between these, there is a high number of Colombians whose number has never been precisely determined, but which President Nicolás Maduro has estimated at almost 5 million.

During his speech, Cabello, a retired military officer who does not hold any position in the Executive, claimed to have data from “intelligence agencies that have detected movements” that are aimed at “generating violence” in “electricity centers and water centers.” , for which he alerted all members of the electoral coalition of the Great Patriotic Pole headed by the PSUV.

“Maximum alert, to the comrades heads of the structure of the PSUV (…) it is an instruction that the PSUV gives (…) to alert them to be between now and December 6, to redouble their efforts in each of our streets and communities, immediately report any unusual movement, “he stressed in reference to the date on which legislative elections are scheduled to be held.

In this regard, .Cabello assured that it depends on “social intelligence” and its “political organization (…) to be aware of every detail.”

In order to report on these suspicious people, he explained that there are “several routes”: there are “the party routes” or the peace quadrants, the name of coordinated units of the Police to guarantee citizen security.

“Every rare movement in a sector must be reported immediately,” concluded Cabello.

Cabello also accused the government of Colombian President Iván Duque of allegedly be behind the death of four Venezuelan soldiers after a combat registered last week in a border area that both countries share.

“We have no doubt that the Colombian government is behind all this, the Colombian intelligence,” said Chavismo number two when asked about the operation, which Venezuela reported on Sunday through a statement from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

Cabello assured that the FANB is deployed throughout the territory under “precise instructions” from President Maduro to “defend” national sovereignty.

“We have no doubt, that comes from the Colombian government that has openly said that the government of Venezuela must be changed,” he insisted.

Even more, directly accused President Duque, whom he called “sub-president”, of being behind these events.

“We are not going to allow the war in Colombia, we do not want it here, that is a problem for the Colombians (…) they have wanted to export their war to Venezuela, as they export the cocaine from Colombia that they take to the whole world”, added.


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