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I couldn’t get up, I didn’t have the strength to stand up, “he said God given hair, the number two of the madurismo, when commenting on his experience with the covid-19, a virus from which he has almost fully recovered. But more than the account of his sufferings, which left him close to death, which attracted attention in Venezuela is your ad: the constituent Assembly that began meeting in Venezuela at the end of 2017 under his leadership will not present a new Magna Carta and not even a tepid reform.

A few months from the parliamentary elections that the Miraflores Palace trusts in winning to, in this way, regain control of the Congress, Cabello acknowledged to an official channel on YouTube that the Constituent Assembly was a mechanism of political counterpower in front of a legislature dominated by the opposition and declared in contempt by the Supreme Court. The Assembly passed laws and even violated the immunity of the deputies of Parliament, some of whom have just been pardoned by the president Nicolas Maduro. But its 545 members will not undertake the task of drafting a new constitutional text, as had been promised. “I don’t think so. I have to say it responsibly,” Cabello acknowledged.

“We gave ourselves a mandate submitted to a vote until December 31, 2020, thinking that in 2021 a new National Assembly is coming,” he confessed to the journalist and Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas. And he remarked, against everything declared by Maduro and Cabello himself, that the horizon of a Magna Carta that was to replace the 1999 one, and that Hugo Chávez considered definitive, was just “a premise.” His most important work was “refundar” the state.

Maduro convened a Constituent Assembly in May 2017, with the alleged purpose of “pacifying” Venezuela. By then, the protests which led the most intransigent sector of the opposition in the streets. The election of its delegates took place in the midst of those social upheavals that left more than 100 dead, most of them young. The adversaries of the Government did not participate in those elections



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