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With a presidential look: in a jacket, at a desk, sitting in front of folders, with the American flag behind him, Donald Trump checked in with tens of millions of Twitter followers from the hospital in a four-minute video.

The president testifies on this – still Saturday in local time – that he feels much better than when he was taken to the Walter Reed Medical Center the day before with a coronavirus infection and will soon be in full force again.

Says the president on the recording, repeating his old campaign slogan.

However, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told U.S. reporters not long ago that the president’s condition is a cause for concern and the next 48 hours will be critical.

On Saturday, the Index also wrote that Trump’s condition could be worse than reported and is being treated with experimental drugs.

In any case, the treatment of the president, as well as the infection of other leading politicians, will greatly affect this year’s political agenda:

At the same time, speculations have intensified that the president may become incapacitated before the expiration of his term on January 20, 2021, and that his succession must be secured under U.S. constitutional law. The Index also wrote about this; the order of succession is as follows:

So if an already incumbent president may die or resign, even citing his state of health, the vice-president will replace him, and the constitution is clear on that. This happened, for example, when Truman replaced the deceased Roosevelt, Johnson to replace Kennedy, who was shot, and Ford to replace Nixon, who had resigned.

But it also came up in America now, what happens if either Trump or Biden can’t run in the Nov. 3 presidential election? Or do you just know, but between November 3 and the January 20 inauguration, “something happens” to the winner?

The issue is all the more topical because, more than four weeks before the November election, not only are ballot papers in full swing, but the masses are already sending back their mail votes cast in the mail, and in some states, pre-voting citizens have already voted in constituencies. Who else but Trump, Biden (or one of the marginal presidential candidates ..?)

Election emergency scenarios are chaotic because much depends on how individual federal states decide. Historical precedents are old, sparse, and not very relevant: so far, the president has still won the election.

The situation is complicated by the US electoral system. To put it simply, it is not the majority of votes cast that must be obtained, but the majority of the electricians in each state. This is often not the same task.

There is currently a Republican Senate and Democratic House of Representatives majority in Congress. But that (especially the former) may change: congressional elections will also be held on November 3rd.



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