Did you ever imagine that dogs could get involved with augmented reality?

The United States Navy works on the application of technological advances that provide its soldiers with greater security in rescue operations, search for explosive or dangerous devices, so, for this, augmented reality glasses are being developed designed to military dogs.

The objective of this is that the dogs can receive orders from the soldiers without the need to have them close by to signal with their own body or using a laser pointer.

This project has been funded by a division of the Navy Research Laboratory to develop an augmented reality system for dogs, which allows them to receive specific commands.

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It all started in 2017, in order that the communication skills between animals and humans could be improved. This series of improvements allowed a prototype of augmented reality glasses to be made specifically designed for dogs.

‘Augmented reality works differently for dogs than it does for humans. The RA will be used to give orders and clues to the dogs; it is not up to the dog to interact with it as a human does. This new technology provides us with a critical tool to better communicate with military working dogs, ”said Dr. Stephen Lee, a scientist with the Navy Research Office.

Augmented reality glasses are specially designed so that dogs have visual indicators, which allow them to go to specific places and thus react to the signal that they see in the glasses.

The handler can see everything the dog sees to give orders through the glasses. Currently, army-trained dogs are guided by hand signals or laser pointers, but they require that the handler be always in sight.

Similarly, part of this development seeks to include walkie talkies and cameras on the dogs so they can be directed at a distance.

From the Army they explain that Goggles are already a common tool for military dogs, as they have already been used on previous occasions to protect themselves from weather conditions, something that will greatly facilitate the adoption of this technology when it finally comes to be widely used in real operations.

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