The US lives the most expensive electoral campaign in its history, with a total cost of 14,000 million dollars

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The total cost of the electoral campaign in the United States will reach a record level of $ 14 billion (11,911 million euros), which makes it the most expensive in history, according to calculations by the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks donations and political spending.

The new figure substantially raises the organization’s previous estimates of $ 11 billion, due to the influx of donations in recent months campaign, especially because of the polarization that conservative Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation has prompted, contrary to the tradition of not addressing this process during election time.

“Even in the midst of the pandemic, everyone is donating more in 2020, from ordinary people to billionaires who sign. eight zero checks a Super PAC [comités de acción política con normas y límites de fondos distintos a los partidos políticos]”the organization said in a statement.

“Ten years ago, talking about a presidential candidate with a billion dollars was hard to imagine. This year we will probably see two, “said Center for Responsive Politics executive director Sheila Krumholz.

The new amount, equivalent to one fifth of the entire budget of the Department of Education of the United States, far exceeds the around 6.6 billion dollars spent in the 2016 election campaign, in which Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton faced off.


Political polarization this year has served to attract more funds. On the Democratic side, with the candidacy of Joe Biden, donors have contributed money at record levels for the animosity against Trump, after almost four years of the Republican presidency.

In fact, the Democratic side has already spent almost 7,000 million, while the Republicans have spent 3.8 billion dollars.

The Super PACs, which allow raising more funds than the parties and anonymously, and which in theory are managed without the influence of the parties, have raised only in the month of October 1,200 million of dollars.

Most of these political action committees work to get the poll favorite Biden to beat Trump.

In addition to the race for the Presidency, some elections to the Senate and House of Representatives, Also renewed on Nov. 3, they have attracted a high level of funding by being highly competitive and strategic for Democrats to take control of the Senate, which Republicans dominate.



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