The unusual shock of Checo Pérez to Kimi Raikkonen that cost him a sanction

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The Mexican received a penalty of a place on the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Tuscany.

The last hours are not easy for Sergio Checo Pérez. The Mexican driver announced that when the season ends he will not continue at Racing Point. And while looking for a seat to continue in Formula 1, he starred in a unusual shock during the practice of the Grand Prix of Tuscany that cost him a penalty.

It happened in the second round of trials. Pérez started with Racing Point from the pits and met Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo driver, at the corner. one of the options of the Mexican to continue in the category since he has not yet confirmed his pilots for the next season.

Due to the impact, which was a brush with no major consequences, Checo Pérez’s car lost one of the front wings and the session was stopped with a red flag to clear the Mugello track.

Soon after, the Lawrence Stroll-owned team sent the Latin American back to the track, finishing seventh. However, the FIA ​​investigated the maneuver and decided to sanction it with a place at the starting grid of Sunday’s race.

It is a complicated weekend for the Mexican, who this Friday said that he learned of Racing Point’s decision to end the link that united them on the same Wednesday that he communicated it on his social networks.

“They informed me of the decision on Wednesday. I thought we would continue working together, but I am relaxed and now I can take care of the future. Let’s see if there is something that motivates me to continue in Formula One,” Checo explained in Mugello to the television channel German ntv.

“I am calm; I am in a good position. There are options, some of them have surprised me even myself. But now I will focus on this race. Then I will start looking and thinking. And later, without rushing, I will take one. decision, “added the 30-year-old pilot.

For his part, the team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, spoke with Sky Sports and explained the reasons for the decision. “It was not easy. Sergio has served us well, he’s a great runner, he’s a fast driver and a safe pair of hands on Sundays, who doesn’t make mistakes and takes home the points, “he said.

“So it was not a clear decision and I think it is a compliment to Sergio that we have deliberated for so long on whether to take a four-time world champion with all the experience that Sebastian brings. We have been talking to Seb for quite some time and the decision. it was taken two days ago, “he deepened.

Precisely, about Vettel’s work, Szafnauer said that he will be the “mentor” of Lance Stroll. “He will elevate the team to a different level, and I’m sure there will be a thousand little things in which he will help us get to a new level. He will bring with him the work ethic of a world champion, and that’s what we all want. learn. Everyone will have to improve their game. And it will also be a great mentor to Lance, which is young and fast. “



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