The unusual controversy that shook Argentine horsemanship with a fake news about a tournament that never existed

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The step-by-step of a bizarre situation that began on Saturday with a patrolman at the Equestrian Club and ended in a disinformation campaign on networks and websites in a pandemic context.

The world of horse riding He shook off this weekend with a controversy that, as bizarre as it was, like all controversy in social networks, led to nothing. In a disinformation campaign with a greater or lesser degree of intentionality, which shows that much of what circulates on cell phones has feather feet. And the certainty overwhelms operations or fake news. Although in a pandemic context, with health at stake, Willingly scandalizing should be punished.

That the activity ordered with protocols in the Argentine Equestrian Club (CHA) so that its members can ride and jump with horses that need activity has led to a varied attack towards the Argentine Equestrian Federation (FEA) and the Werthein surname make it clear that no one is exempt from operations. Less when there are bill passes for business interests. Go then a step by step of what happened between Saturday 10 and this Monday 12 October. Not to believe.

After five months of absolute standstill due to the coronavirus, when horse riding was included as one of the individual practice sports allowed to be carried out in outdoor spaces, the horsemen and the amazons breathed relief. And the clubs too. It was time to regain passion with equines, who also had to move their legs.

As the FEA canceled its entire official tournament calendar from March 13, through a circular sent to all its participating entities, there are no formal powers in the country. There are no juries, awards, seats, podiums or anything. Zero to ace. As there are no official tournaments for most sports. The ball – or the post – is left to the clubs.

The Club Hípico Argentino, like any institution, used to organize internal tournaments not recognized by the FEA under its responsibility. As it happens in any sport. Compete among the partners to get a badge and then have a drink. Well, the pandemic also closed that chance. I stay? Make “passes”. Organize obstacle courses for members to jump over them with their horses and dust off their bodies after so much standing.

Last Saturday, between 200 and 250 members were able to indulge themselves at the Equestrian Club. “Between 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., with social distancing, in batches and enjoying the day, the run was carried out without problems. There were enabled bathrooms, but no changing rooms, and in the restaurant the chairs were outside. All in order and the horsemen and the Amazons they only took off their masks when riding and jumping”, He explained to Clarion the architect Gaspar Martínez Torres, from the Equestrian Subcommittee of the CHA.

Suddenly, a patrol car appeared for a complaint. At CHA they thought it was from a neighbor because of noise. “The police came in, took photos and I thought they were going to suspend it, but they told me that everything was in order according to protocol and I signed the act myself,” added the leader, who later received a prosecutor. “He told me that the complaint had come from within,” he said.

In this environment there are four of us and we pull to the same side. Nobody is spitting up. We don’t understand what happened because they hurt this sport. And less what came later, “he added. What came next? A gross misinformation on networks that reached a couple of business-related websites and that linked the Werthein family to an alleged official tournament that broke all sanitary rules. Said it is: there are neither official tournaments nor was there an internal tournament at the CHA.

“From the FEA we have grouped jumping and 8 other disciplines, three of which are Olympic. Since March 13, the calendar was canceled due to the pandemic and in June we reiterated the request to the institutions to comply with the current regulations established by the national and provincial governments, ”he explained. Gregory Werthein, the president of the FEA, to Clarion.

“Horse racing was one of the activities authorized to return and the clubs began with protocols to do the passes so that the members could practice and give gymnastics to the younger horses. Everything under the regulation of the entities ”, he added.

Taking into account this authorization, the CHA organized this “pass” this Saturday. How was the activity? “We gave the riders and the Amazon members a chance to play sports, because the horse needs to practice. There was no clock. There was a megaphone to have an order. Nothing else. We never ask the FEA for authorization because official competitions cannot be held. This was something for the members, ”said Martínez Torres, leader of a club with 750 members.

“There are 130 horses in the club and sometimes they are ridden by two riders in different turns or passes. It is that if the jumps of one meter went well, they are scored in those of 1.10. That’s all that happened, “he said.

Of course, with obvious bias and the ease of impunity for anonymity in social networks, there was talk about the “responsibility” of the FEA in a supposed “official tournament” that never happened. A lie, bah.

“We always ensure compliance with current regulations and that is why our calendar is closed until 2021. I was an athlete and I take great care of the integrity of the FEA and the sport. It hurts to read these things when one tries to work well and things come out that are not true. He’s a jerk. An operation ”, closed Gregorio Werthein, son of Gerardo, businessman, president of the Argentine Olympic Committee and member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee.

The website that published what was told on networks ended up unpublishing that note. Invoices are not only eaten with mate. They are also passed. And the exchange plan finds adherents until it is dug up and checked. It happens in the best families. Even in the riding. And in journalism.



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