Organizers of the Untold Festival have announced that preparations for the 2021 edition have begun.

“The year 2021 comes with confidence and optimism from the organizers of the Untold festival, who have begun preparations for the sixth edition of one of the largest festivals in the world, Untold. In 2021, the sixth chapter of the Untold story will be written in 5 August 8, in Cluj-Napoca Next year’s edition comes with a new magic story Untold that will take place, for four days and four nights, with the greatest artists from around the world, but also with the most wonderful the public that a festival can want ”, it is shown in the communiqué sent by the organizers.

Organizers Untold said that the 2021 edition will exceed all expectations and will be organized in the safest conditions, stating that their confidence comes from the good news about the existence of a vaccine at the beginning of next year and from the increasing attention paid by development specialists. rapid tests that will allow mass testing.

The event industry around the world is preparing for a busy summer

“Another reason is the support that the Romanian Government gives to event organizers by establishing a state aid scheme, meant to restart the cultural and events industry in 2021. In addition, Untold representatives, along with other event organizers from Romania, met since September with the representatives of the Government in a working group, meant to identify all the measures that need to be prepared, so that the events can be resumed in 2021 in the safest conditions. from all over the world, it is preparing for a summer full of activity, in which the public will meet again with their favorite artists “, states the quoted source.

The organizers of the Untold festival urge the festival’s fans and not only to register with a message of optimism, with a moment they expect to live in 2021, and then to share it on social media with the hashtag #lookingforward.

What happens to the tickets purchased

Over 95% of the holders of season tickets and tickets for the 2020 edition have transformed their tickets and season tickets into the anytime Pass version, which gives them access, at choice, to one of the next three Untold editions.

Organizers of the music event said that those who have not yet purchased a ticket for Untold 2021 are expected to register on Thursday on to find out the first news about the 6th edition, including when a new one will go on sale. series of tickets and season tickets.