Real Zaragoza have added the Uruguayan to their ranks Gabriel Fernandez, nicknamed ‘Toro’, so the Aragonese team ‘heated up’ the signing with a gif of a Lamborghini at full speed. It is not by chance: the legendary Italian brand owned by the VAG (Audi) group baptizes all its supercars with bull names. Miura, Aventador, Uros … The association between the footballer and the car was clear.

The problem is that Fernández’s love of cars has caused a tragedy. Last march a woman was killed by the Uruguayan in 2018, after a year and a half in a vegetative state. A user reminded the club with a news item published, precisely, in

The user notice caused Zaragoza immediately delete the unfortunate tweet, which generated no little controversy.

First, towards the Community Manager of the Zaragoza team, who had very little view of a news story of just a few months, but also towards the user who made the club notice the error.

Gabriel Fernández arrives at Zaragoza on loan, as he does not count in the plans of the celestial team to have the minutes he considers necessary.