Unbelievable images that are going viral on social networks by the monumental anger from a group of Desna Chernihiv fans, a Ukrainian first division team, who had recently hired a new team manager, Oleksandr Ovrachenko, but whose work has not been received in the best way.

One of Ovrachenko’s initiatives was change club stadium and taking Desna out of Yuri Gagarin Chernihiv, to build an Olympic one in the same place where they have been playing since 2008, when a three-year rebuild ended.

As we have mentioned, the idea of ​​moving house the most conservative sector of the hobby has not liked anything, so a group of ultras have wanted to take justice into their own hands and warn, in their own way, Ovrachenko if he continues with his intention to change stadium to the team.

For that reason, on Tuesday morning, the ultras showed up at the club’s offices, Forcibly removing Ovrachenko, who was put in a garbage container and walked through the streets of the city.

In the video, Ovrachenko doesn’t show much resistance to the dozens of fans out there, but despite his attempts to at least stand with the container lid open the ultras use their strength to keep it inside.