The ultra-Orthodox Jews, on the warpath against New York for the closure of neighborhoods affected by the coronavirus

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From Friday there will be nine areas in which the new restrictive measures will be imposed, in addition to the closure of schools, decreed this Monday.

The decision by New York authorities to close non-essential businesses in areas where COVID-19 outbreaks have been recordedhas unleashed the outrage of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, with a large presence in many of these areas, and that last night organized several protests in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Several images disseminated on social networks show a large group of ultra-Orthodox around a big bonfire in the borough park neighborhood in the district of Brooklyn, one of the nine postal zones in which the new restrictive measures will be imposed as of this Friday, in addition to the closure of schools, decreed this Monday.

Many ultra-Orthodox Jews believe that both the city and the governorate are taking these measures unfairly and that these contribute to spreading anti-Semitic sentiments.

According to the newspaper “The Jewish News”, an ultra-Orthodox businessman known for advocating for masks and social distancing, and identified as Mordy Getz, was rushed to the hospital after being beaten by the protesters after he had recorded a video with his mobile phone.

President Donald Trump retweeted a video of the protests released by conservative actor and political commentator James Wood, who was accompanied by footage of the incidents in which several police officers can be seen pushing protesters and in which he said: “Video evidence is the great saviors of democracy. However, it is not so good for the Democrats “opponents of Trump.

In a later message, which was not bounced by the president, Wood said: “Rounding up the Jews is an image I didn’t expect to see in America in my entire life. (New York Mayor Bill) De Blasio is a criminal (…) He’s a fucking anti-Semitic bully. “

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday the closure of non-essential businesses in affected areas due to important coronavirus outbreaks in the state, and unveiled a new tiered system that will determine the activities allowed in relation to the number of cases in each area.

“Crowds cause infections, infections cause clusters of cases, and clusters of cases cause spread through communities, “Cuomo said at a news conference.

The new New York State measures will lead to the closure of businesses such as gyms, bars or personal care centers in some areas of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as the areas of Rockland, Orange, Nassau and Binghamton, where the percentage of infection has registered a significant increase in recent weeks.

Cuomo also noted that the communities most affected are those in which orthodox Jews accumulate, and stated that he has held talks with their leaders to ask that this sector of the population follow the rules.

“I understand the imposition this places on them, but I have told you that I need your cooperation and their collaboration, “he explained.

In reaction to the protests last night, Cuomo assured that he understands that there are people who are not happy, but stressed that “these limitations are better than returning to confinement, which is what happens when infections increase. “

“The expansion (of the disease) is inevitable if we do not control the hot zones. These are facts, even if they are unpleasant,” he insisted.

For his part, the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, stressed that “the next few weeks will be crucial. We have the opportunity to keep this outbreak down. “

About what happened last night, after ensuring that I understood that there were people who did not share the restrictionsHe added that it is “crucial that those who disagree respect the fact that the state and the city have made this decision for the health and safety of all.”

“You can have peaceful protests, but the NYPD will not tolerate people harming other people. Assaults will not be tolerated, the damage to property, or the realization of bonfires, anything of this type is unacceptable, “he said, before warning that law enforcement officers will act to avoid these situations.


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