According to the newspaper, the British government’s deputy medical adviser, Jonathan Van-Tam, revealed in private statements that the clinical tests carried out so far indicate a potential vaccine that can “stop infections and save lives”.

Van-Tam told several lawmakers last week that advancing in phase 3 testing of the vaccine developed by Oxford University and manufactured by the pharmaceutical company shows that massive administration is possible in late December, according to The Sunday Times.

Thousands of health workers will be instructed to administer the vaccine before the end of this year, the newspaper notes.

Pharmacists, dentists, nurses and paramedics will be able to administer this vaccine in the UK.

In the first months of the vaccination program, doses will be inoculated into the elderly and vulnerable. “Most people will not get the vaccine,” the newspaper notes.

The second wave of the pandemic has forced many hospitals in the UK to cancel surgery, some of which have been delayed for six months, according to The Sunday Times.

In the Welsh town of Swansea, Morrison Hospital has suspended all routine cardiac operations, while in the English town of Plymouth, Derriford Hospital has canceled all non-compulsory operations.