Lisa Montgomery is currently the only woman convicted by the U.S. federal government awaiting death. With these prospects, his life will end on December 8 with a spray of poison.

There are currently only 55 death sentences handed down by the federal state. The majority of U.S. death sentences are handed down by the states.

The U.S. federal government had not executed prisoners at all since the early 2000s until it resumed them in the summer. Since then, seven judgments have been enforced, making Montgomery the eighth.

According to American media, this is the first time since the 1950s that the federal government has executed a woman’s death sentence. The last time in 1953 a six-year-old boy was executed was convicted of abduction and murder Bonnie Hardy. Earlier that year, an electric chair was convicted of espionage Ethel Rosenbergby husband Julius Rosenberg was executed on the same day.

Today, all 55 federal convicts have committed one or more murders.

Cut the baby’s mother’s belly

Lisa Montgomery killed her last pregnant woman in 2004 and cut the baby out. Montgomery was going to suggest that the child was his. He was caught the day after the murder. The baby survived.

In court, Montgomery was defended by a lawyer Frederick Duchardt, which, according to The Guardian, has lost more federal death sentences than anyone else. His work has been criticized as miserable.

In the case of Montgomery, for example, Duchardt did not investigate his client’s past at all. Petitioners, on the other hand, did so and found out how horribly the woman had been subjected to as a girl.

He was raped regularly by his stepfather for years. When the girl was 13 years old, the stepfather built a separate room in his caravan where he could use this in peace. At that time, Montgomery began to sip his father’s side liquors to numb reality.

A year from now, Montgomery’s mother surprised her husband in the act itself. Instead of helping her daughter, she pulled a gun at her temples.

To escape his home conditions, Montgomery married at the age of 18. In both the first and subsequent marriages, Montgomery was beaten. According to the New York Times, the woman had also been the victim of mass rape during her lifetime.

Experts who examined him after the verdict found him to have a number of mental disorders and permanent brain injury caused by the beatings.

These cases are irrelevant to guilt, but bringing them up in the original trial could have saved Montgomery from death.

– Few people have suffered the kind of torture and trauma to which Lisa Montgomery’s mentally ill alcoholic mother exposed her, represented Montgomery on appeal Kelley Henry said in a statement on Friday.

At the end of 2019, there were 2,656 death row inmates in the United States. About two percent of them, at the moment exactly 53, there are women. On average, one percent of those executed are women.