the true story of Jeff Bauman and his interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

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Released in theaters in Italy in July 2018, Stronger – Io sono più forte is the film on the true story of Jeff Bauman that we interviewed in Rome with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Presented at the Rome Film Fest in October 2017, the drama Stronger – I am stronger recounts the attacks on the Boston Marathon in 2013 in which three people died and over two hundred were injured. Unlike the movie Boston – Manhunt which tells the search for the two Chechen terrorists, the story of Stronger focuses on the tremendous experience lived by the young man Jeff Bauman who, due to the explosion, suffered such injuries that only theleg amputation it could have saved his life. Jake Gyllenhaal is the actor who plays Bauman on screen, a performance that earned him acclaim from audiences and critics. But, after having seen the film, it is natural to delve into it events that actually happened to the boy net of the narrative needs of the film.

Stronger – I am stronger: the true story of the film from Jeff Bauman’s point of view

In the weeks following the explosion of the bombs that broke the joy of the sporting event, the citizens of Boston went through a dark period and it was thanks to the courage and strength of Jeff Bauman who have begun to recover a vital spirit. The boy had to overcome physical pains and psychological trauma, accepting his new existence with extreme difficulty, a life without the use of his legs. The young man wrote a book from this experience, which later became the movie Stronger.

Yes, as seen in the movie, Jeff went to the finish line to wait for his girlfriend Erin who was running the marathon. He was not participating in the race. Jeff he also saw it previously at a midway checkpoint. He had actually prepared a sign for his girlfriend, with it written “Run Erin Run”. What the film shows just before the explosion also actually happened. Bauman was at the finish line with Remy e Michele, two friends of Erin, but when they decided to move through the crowd to be closer to the road, Jeff he didn’t move, preferring to wait for his girlfriend right at the finish line.

At one point he looked behind him, unable to help but notice a man dressed entirely in black, with dark glasses, a baseball cap and a backpack. He noticed this because his outfit was out of tune and too serious for the sporting event in progress. Returning to scrutinize the marathon runners as they finished the race as they finished, he turned again to see the man who had disappeared but had left his backpack on the ground. Bauman he could not know at that moment who that individual was Tamerlan Tsarnev, one of the two Chechen brothers responsible for the explosions. A few seconds passed and there was an explosion. Bauman he found himself crumpled on the ground in a pool of blood and the bodies of the people around him. Erin, unlike the movie, it was actually about 1 mile away from Jeff and, with the noise of the crowd, he did not hear the explosion and did not understand why the stream of runners was stopping.

Below is the interview with Jeff Bauman e Jake Gyllenhaal that we met at the Rome Film Fest on the occasion of the presentation of Stronger.


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