Achieving a complete and balanced sports routine is not easy. Although many believe that going out for a run on alternate days for half an hour, attending classes at the gim or by following one of the virtual classes that we engaged in a few months ago, we managed to give our muscles the challenge they need, the reality is that this is not always the case. In addition to coordination and resistance, we must work on strength and elasticity, since it depends, to a large extent, on avoid the postural pain that begins to haunt us when we recover the routine and we lose, progressively, the minutes to dedicate to rest.

The same goes for stretching sessions that, after exercising, we should do almost daily. In addition to being the key to success in sports (as long as it is done properly), are essential to lengthen the muscle and avoid future injuries, contractures and pain several that can destroy our commitment to a more active life. The problem is that we do not always know what movements we should repeat or what objects to use to get a good stretch.

But, what if we tell you that you only have to invest 20 euros to have everything you need at hand to achieve it? Tracking in the offer catalog flash from Amazon, we have found an ideal muscle massage kit to finish any workout. With a reduction of 54% that will only last a few hours, This set promises great results, backed by the almost five gold stars it boasts. Ready to find out how to make the most of it to become your stretching ally?

The massage kit, from FitBeast.

How to use each item in this ‘pack’

  • First, the black rubber roller. To work large areas of our body and deep muscles we must use this article that manages to eliminate tensions quickly. In addition, this product can be used in abdominal or leg routines, among others, to make exercise difficult and achieve a more intense work.
  • Finally, the red rubber roller. Once our toning session with the black rubber roller is finished, it is convenient to use it to relax the muscles or at the moment in which we notice certain muscular discomfort. Thanks to its massage, we help reduce body pressure and relieve tension caused by training. In addition, this type of roller is one of the most used in disciplines such as Pilates, so it is perfect for practicing balance and spinal alignment exercises before performing a relaxation massage.
  • Balls. The two balls included in this kit are used to reach the most difficult areas of our body and thus offer a complete massage, since the rollers only manage to relax the largest areas. As with the previous tools, in this case we must start with the black one, which is suitable for very specific areas, and end with the red one that helps to relieve superficial muscle pain.

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