In the decision, Judge Stanley Blumenfeld rejected the case opened by Kjersti Flaa, a Norwegian reporter who claimed that his membership in the group was denied because it posed a threat to other Scandinavian members and that the Association was acting as an “illegal cartel”.

HFPA has 85 members around the world, best known for annually choosing the winners of the Golden Globes.

The judge ruled that HFPA can set any enrollment rules it wants, according to Variety.

Kjersti Flaa sued the organization in August this year.

In the complaint, HFPA is accused of “culture of corruption.” She says members of the organization go on luxury trips and receive thousands of dollars, and that many other qualified journalists have been denied registration in recent years.

In early October, HFPA filed a motion to dismiss Flaa’s trial, accusing it of conducting a harassment campaign to gain a place in the group.

The new members of the organization are elected by a majority vote of the active members.

The applicant’s lawyer said that Flaa would appeal to another court.