The transition period is coming to an end: what do you need to know about Brexit?

1. Why, what does the transitional period for Brexit mean and how long?

The UK withdrew from the European Union on 31 January this year (this is Brexit), so it is no longer involved in EU decision-making. But a period of transition between the EU and the UK has come into place to facilitate change and pending negotiations. It runs until 31 December 2020, the last day of the year.

2. When will I need a passport to enter?

From 2021, after the end of the transition period, the British will introduce full border controls. This also means that from October 2021, with the exception of the Irish and Gibraltarians, EU citizens, including Hungarians, will only be able to travel to the island country with a passport. An identity card will no longer be enough. The British refer to security considerations.

3. What should I do if I arrive in the country next year but do not have a passport?

Only those established or having prior status are exempted from the passport obligation; in their case, London will also allow entry by the end of 2025 in person.

4. How long will I be able to stay in the UK?

According to the rules in force now, a Hungarian citizen can stay there for three months without restriction. According to experience, this is the case for most Hungarian travelers: tourists, family visitors, and those going on a business trip. However, most Hungarian citizens can stay outside for a longer period of time only in certain cases:

5. What should I do if I live outside or want to live there for a longer period of time?

Hungarians living abroad or emigrants are obliged to register if they want to confirm their intention to stay. Established status can be applied for by the British authorities until 30 June 2021. Upon successful registration, two types of status can be obtained: “settled”, ie the status of those who have been living in the UK for five years, and “pre-settled”, ie the pre-establishment status of those who have spent less than five years in the island country. In the absence of an application, the right of residence is lost. Website of the Hungarian Embassy in London here provides information.

6. What rights will I have after I have acquired one of the status of established or pre-established status?

I get a chance to work. I can use the services of the National Health Service (NHS). I will also have the opportunity to continue my previous studies as well as enroll in an educational institution, free to travel to and from the UK.

7. What kind of paper do you need to work?



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