The transition in the United States from Trump to Biden has formally begun

20 days after the presidential elections in the United States and 16 since Joe Biden was declared president-elect, the Administration of Donald Trump has finally officially launched the transition, that the Democrat had been able to undertake only informally.

This Monday Emily Murphy, the official appointed by Trump as director of the AGeneral Services Administration, has finally sent Biden the letter recognizing him as “apparent winner& rdquor; of the elections and makes the federal funds of some $ 10 million and others means that will allow the Democrat to start the process to prepare his arrival to the government.

Although Murphy has assured in the letter that he has reached his decision “independently & rdquor; and has stated that it has “never been directly or indirectly pressed for any position of the Executive & rdquor ;, the president himself Trump He has contradicted it on Twitter, where the president, after 17 hours of silence, has assured that he recommended Murphy and his own team “to do what is necessary regarding the initial protocols & rdquor; (of Transition). According to his two tweets, in which the president still does not acknowledge his defeat, he has done so “For the good of the country”.

Although setbacks in court where you have filed lawsuits for unfounded accusations of fraud they are a constant Trump has insisted in his messages that his “case” is moving forward “strongly.” He has also promised to “continue fighting” and said “¡¡we will prevail! “, but when starting the transition process it shows to have exhausted its way.

Increasing pressure

Pressure and criticism of Trump, and Murphy, had intensified in recent hours. This Monday 160 business leaders, including the influential president of Blackstone, Jon Gray, signed an open letter urging that the transition be undertaken. “Every day that our democracy is delayed, it weakens in the eyes of our citizens and diminishes the stature of the nation on the global stage,” read the letter, which assured that “withholding vital resources and information for an incoming administration puts health at risk public and economic and security “of the US. Even a Trump ally like Stephen Schwartzman, CEO of Blackstone, although he did not sign the letter, issued a statement in which he said that “the result is very certain and the country should move forward” and was “ready to help President-elect Biden. and your team”.

Also this Monday, more than 100 former senior Republican national security officials had issued a statement saying that Trump’s refusal to accept defeat and allow a peaceful transition “constitutes a serious threat” and urged Republican leaders to “publicly ask Trump to cease his undemocratic assault on the presidential elections. “

“Necessary step”

Biden and his team have been working so far trying to minimize Trump’s brake on the transition and this very Monday the president-elect’s campaign made public names chosen for the future cabinet. The Democrat, however, had already denounced the harmful effects of the Trump blockade. And this Monday, following the announcement by Murphy and Trump, the executive director of Biden’s transition team issued a statement applauding the “necessary step“.

Murphy’s letter came shortly after an electoral board of Michigan, despite the abstention of a Republican member, has certified Biden’s victory in the state. On Saturday a federal judge from Pennsylvania dismissed a case in which Trump’s team sought to challenge the Democrat’s victory in that state.



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