the trailer of the comedy with Fabio De Luigi, Valentina Lodovini and… Babbo Abatantuono

The sequel to the hit comedy 10 Days Without a Mom is titled 10 Days with Santa and from today you can see the hilarious trailer. From 4 December on Amazon Prime Video, it stars Fabio De Luigi, Diego Abatantuono, Valentina Lodovini.

It will be available starting December 4th on Amazon Prime Video the Christmas comedy 10 days with Santa Claus, sequel to the very lucky 10 days without mom, also directed by Alessandro Genovesi and awarded the Golden Ticket as the most watched film in the 2018-2019 season with 7,500,000 euros in box office receipts. This time to flank Fabio de Luigi, Valentina Lodovini and young people Angelica Elli, Matteo Castellucci e Bianca I used, is an unpublished Diego Abatantuono, who will play none other than a gentleman with a white beard and the red costume he claims to be Santa Claus.

Of 10 days with Santa Claus, which is produced by Colorado Film in collaboration with Medusa Film, the trailer has arrived fresh. We show it to you not before sharing the official synopsis with you and reminding you that Fabio de Luigi has already been directed by Alessandro Genovesi born The worst week of my life, The worst Christmas of my life, the aforementioned 10 days without mom and the two-part comedy Give me back my wife.

Carlo and Giulia are grappling with new problems regarding the division of their respective tasks in the family. Since Giulia has returned to work, it is Carlo who takes care of the children and household duties. But the role of “mammo” begins to be a bit tight. Just when he decides to get back in the game and look for a job, Giulia reveals to him that she is up for a promotion that would lead her to move to Sweden. As if that were not enough, he will have to take the interview on December 24 in Stockholm. Everything seems to threaten family unity. What to do? Carlo has a brilliant idea … At least he sees it that way. Retrieve the old camper and drag the family on an adventure that will take them on a journey to the North for a Christmas to be spent all together passionately. Unforeseen events along the way and an exhilarating encounter-clash with a self-styled Santa Claus will make the trip unforgettable


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