the trailer for the Norwegian horror by Netflix

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In Cadaver, which lands on Netflix on October 22, a strange theatrical performance becomes a nightmare for the guests.

We are always happy to discover new horror authors, especially if they come from the great cold, because the Nordic peoples have a very original approach to the genre. We are therefore very curious about this Cadaver, a Norwegian film written and directed by Jarand Herdal and set in a post-nuclear catastrophe world. The film will be made available on Netflix the week before Halloween, October 22. This is the plot:

Leonora (Gitte Witt), Jacob (Thomas Gullestad) and daughter Alice (Tuva Olivia Remman) are on the verge of survival. One day the local hotel invites survivors to attend a theatrical performance, which includes a lunch, as a charitable gesture to help those in need. With no choice, the family decides to go to the hotel where the director, Mathias (Thorbjørn Harr), presents the whole building as the stage. Viewers are given masks to distinguish them from the actors, but the play takes a disturbing turn when audience members begin to disappear. The dividing line between reality and theater quickly blurs, until Alice disappears in front of Leonora and Jacob, and leaves no room for doubt: there is something very wrong with Mathias’ hotel.

Masks, true / false, hunger, nuclear catastrophe … who knows, something interesting might come out of it.



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