the trailer for the documentary about Audrey Hepburn as a woman more than an actress

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The documentary Audrey is dedicated to the style icon Audrey Hepburn, who did not have a vie en rose off the set. We tell you what it’s all about and show you the gorgeous brand new trailer.

What about Audrey Hepburn except that there is no one like her and that to see and review classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina e Roman holidays warm the heart, delight it and lead to dream? To revive the myth of the Cinderella in Paris who was a UNICEF Ambassador and won two Oscars is a documentary simply titled Audrey yes which the trailer came out today.

Audrey: What the documentary is about

Audrey tries to go beyond the perfect image of Audrey Hepburn, revealing the person behind the diva with slender ankles and cat eyes. It does so by mixing interviews and rare and precious archive material with the images of three dancers who “interpret” the actress in three different moments of her life. The choice is original but not completely unexpected. There Hepburn, before entering the world of cinema, she wanted to become a dancer. In this regard the director Helena Cohan said: “We worked together with the award-winning British choreographer Wayne McGregor to create dance sequences inspired by the love of Audrey for ballet, in order to return a captivating and exciting portrait of Audrey. The dance amplifies the emotional landscape of Audrey and gives the film a strong sense of drama and a theatrical structure, as well as constituting a rich visual language never used for a documentary “.

Here is Audrey’s official synopsis:

Audrey Hepburn won her first Oscar at the age of 24 and became one of the greatest cultural icons in the world: a beauty as few are seen, a legendary Hollywood star of the golden age whose style and avant-garde collaboration with Hubert de Givenchy continue to be inspiring. But who was the real Audrey Hepburn? Malnourished in childhood, abandoned by her father and raised in Holland during the Nazi occupation, Hepburn fought all the way against the traumas of her past, which wrecked her dream of becoming a dancer and cast a dark shadow on his personal life. She found inner peace by using her fame to become a UNICEF ambassador and thus give meaning to her life. From being a victim of war he became a source of relief for millions of people.

Audrey’s beautiful trailer

The trailer for Audrey, who relies on the testimonies of the people who were closest to her, moves us right at the beginning, when a voiceover says: “The most jealously hidden secret on Audrey Hepburn is that she wanted to be loved. “In two minutes and 15 of images, we also follow the dramas and disappointments of the star: her pain for her father who was gone and her difficult relationship with her husband Mel Ferrer. As for the 3 dancers that we see in the doc, they are the prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet Francesca Hayward, which tells with his footsteps the Audrey of the heyday of Hollywood, of Alessandra Ferri, who interprets Audrey in its maturity, and of Keira Moore, which is the Hepburn young, who was on the way to becoming a dancer. Audrey unfortunately it will not pass through cinemas, coming out directly on home video.


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