the trailer for Sia’s autism film is causing controversy

The trailer for Music, which stars an autistic girl played by Maddie Ziegler, has caused discussion, and the pop star has responded a little too aggressively to the accusations.

The trailer for Music, which marks the directorial debut of a Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, better known as Be, sparked a flood of controversy as soon as it came out. The reason? The way the singer portrayed autism in the film. The protagonist of the story, played by Maddie Ziegler (which we will see in the West Side Story of Spielberg) does not speak and seems to be able to express itself only through music. She turns armed with a tablet and headphones, and the viewer sees her fantasies, which are musical numbers in which the people around the girl are obviously different, more colorful and more pop. Now, it is true that the actress looks a bit too dazed and her gaze a bit stupid, but the protests, at least the initial ones, seem excessive to us.

The dispute, which took place on Twitter, took a turn for the worse when, in a Tweet in which an actress with autism wrote that perhaps it would have been better to take a female protagonist with this mental disorder, Be she replied: “Maybe you’re just a bad actress.” At that point the discussion took a bad turn. What he said is right Be at the beginning, namely “watch the movie before you judge”, but perhaps the Australian pop star should have kept a low profile.

Returning to the trailer, it’s quite original and suggestive. Besides Maddie Ziegler, the other protagonists are seen: Kate Hudson e Leslie Odom Jr.. The first plays an extravagant girl named To who has several addictions behind her and who suddenly has to take care of her autistic half-sister. In the film, it contains the song of Be “Together”, plus 10 pieces she composed and performed by the cast, recite finally Juliette Lewis, Hector Elizondo e Mary Kay Place.

The release of Music is scheduled for early 2021, hopefully in cinemas. As a director Be he directed some videos.


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