It was not the first time that George Mariş practiced “speed flying”, a risky sport, with few followers in our country, according to

“His colleagues told us in the morning, around 8 o’clock, that one of their group had fallen and no longer answered, no longer had any reaction, no longer answered the phone. He fell on the rock, practically a few hundred meters, he had no chance to survive “, he declared Claudiu Vasilescu, Salvamont Busteni.

According to the quoted source, George Mariş was a mountain enthusiast. For years he was on the podium at climbing competitions, and for some time he had fallen in love with speed flying, a flight in which he used a small wing, which allowed him to reach high speeds, even 100 km per hour, almost of rocks. For fans of this very dangerous sport, flights from Bucegi are extremely challenging. They throw themselves into the void, supported only by a narrow wing, and descend with dizzying speeds along steep valleys.

George Mariş PHOTO PRO TV

“A high-risk sport, drivers usually have a lot of control, because it’s not really an uncontrollable wing, I suspect. I mean, we suspect, we’re not sure, that it was a missed takeoff. I’m very sorry, because I knew the boy, he’s a very good climber, he’s a mountain man and he knew the dangers, “said Andy, a mountain rescuer.

George Mariş was a real one Ninja Warrior the PRO TV

Despite his performances, George was an extremely discreet man. The general public met him with the broadcast of the “Ninja Warrior” contest, on PRO TV, in 2018.

“My advantage in this competition would be a combination of agility and strength. If I mount something and I want to do something, I usually succeed “, George declared in the PRO TV show.

Two years ago, also on October 28, George won over viewers and was applauded for his courage.

In 2018, in the same area, an American tourist crashed during an extreme jump, also performed with a speed paraglider, from Crucea de pe Caraiman, to Busteni.

Speedflying is a new and little known sport in Romania. It does not have many followers, precisely because it is very risky. So far, dozens of sports enthusiasts around the world have lost their lives.