The 2020 Yaris, the fourth generation, has a lot new and good too. This does not mean that the previous one was not, but it does mean that it has been surpassed in everything. Starting with his aesthetic, now more aggressive and sporty, in line with other models like the attractive C-HR. In addition to the powerful front, what else highlights of the last Yaris is the rear, widened, with the oversized and linked optics, which in combination with the spoiler and the lower diffuser give it much more packaging. Sideways has a higher “waist” and some glazed surface is lost behind, but the design benefits a lot.

Minivan? convertible? urban? SUV? The latest from Toyota is… lunar!

Part of the stylistic resources are due to the new platform, used for the first time by Toyota in the utility segment. The Yaris is practically the same length as its predecessor, it still does not exceed 4 meters, but if It is 5 centimeters wider and has an additional 5 cm of wheelbase.

Inside the change is even greater, with a total redesign of all elements. In the center of the dashboard the 8-inch multimedia screen, which in addition to being tactile, is supported by buttons on each side to facilitate its operation. Underneath there are two central aerators taking advantage of the existing hole in the center console to reach the controls of the air conditioning system.

When leaving the highway, what was a suspicion is confirmed: the car seems of another category and size, very comfortable and settled on the asphalt

The instrument panel is digital, and the information is represented by two spheres, the left to control the operation of the hybrid system. In the center is a square-shaped section that provides a lot of general information about the car. The multifunction steering wheel is smaller than the previous Yaris and sporty in design.

The cabin is spacious in relation to size. The longer wheelbase provides more space at the rear, but it is still not the section where it looks the most. The trunk remains at 286 liters of capacity.

More Category

Describing the environment, we begin with the sensations. The common thing to everything is that by quality and design it seems that we are in a model of a superior segment.The driving posture is low and retarded, which in itself gives certain sports tints and improves the center of gravity.

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The Yaris is available in Spain only with the classic hybrid system (not plug-in), which is composed of a three-cylinder, 1.5-liter, 90-horsepower gasoline engine, in combination with a 59-kW electric motor and a more compact battery and lighter than the previous hybrid version. Total the driver has 116 horsepower under the foot, and is handled by an automatic gearbox of continuous variator, that is to say, it does not have gear staging.

In principle, at low speeds – and up to 130 km / h – the electric motor controls, ideal for moving around the city while there is power. With the The Yaris’s compact size and extraordinary maneuverability makes it a joy to move on the streets.

When leaving the highway, what was a suspicion is confirmed: the car seems of another category and size, very comfortable and seated on the asphalt, a feeling that on more winding roads is made even more evident by the balanced tuning of the suspension. It also highlights the good performance of the engine, with power to spare for a car of only 4 meters and 1,085 kg of weight.

The hybrid system has position “B” in the gear to recover energy with braking and deceleration, and is a good resource to keep the electric motor “alive” for longer. During our test, the Yaris had a consumption of only 5.5 liters per 100 km, expense that, although it is meager, exceeds the 4.3 liters approved by Toyota for this version.

Equipped and safe

El Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid It is on sale from 18,650 euros and has four finishes, Active Tech, Style, Business Plus and Style Premier Edition. The latter is the one that we have had the opportunity to test and is distinguished, in addition to the red and black color of the bodywork, by a bulky equipment. This is also influenced by the feeling of a higher-class car, of course.

So, for the 21,350 euros that this Style Premier Edition version costs (or 195 euros per month with the financing of the brand) we get a lot in return, such things as 17-inch wheels, Full LED headlights, 8-inch multimedia touch screen, JBL stereo, Head-Up Display, wireless charger for smartphones, dual zone climate control, keyless start and the Toyota Safety Sense safety package, a firm commitment by the brand which includes as standard in all Yaris systems such as the rear view camera, pre-collision system with pedestrian and cyclist detector, traffic sign recognition and intelligent adaptive cruise control.


Motor: Gasoline hybrid

Power (kW / CV): 85/116.

Change: Automatic, without gears.

Largo (mm): 3.940.

Ancho (mm): 1.745.

Alto (mm): 1.500.

Trunk (liters): 286.

Maximum speed (km / h): 175.

From 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 9,7.

Average consumption (l / 100 km): 4.3.

CO2 emissions (gr / km): 97.

Price (euros): from 18,650 euros.