The Torino Film Festival presents the star of the Mole, the visual identity of the 2020 edition

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News and visual innovations for the Torino Film Festival which focuses on the territory, on its new symbol and award, the Stella della mole, waiting for the films to be presented.

Identity, places and collaborations. These are the three starting points of the Torino Film Festival which aims to build its next ten years, but above all it has obtained the place of honor for most of today’s presentation, at the Cinema Museum, “the star of the Mole“The great lady,”the visual identity of the Torino Film Festival. The new director, Stefano Francia of Celle, he described in every detail, historical, technological and geometric, the work done in recent months to identify the symbol that will accompany the festival and will constitute its main prize, “an object, after so many years”.

For now, there has been no mention of cinema, “the films will be announced at the end of October, but the program is practically complete”. The opening and closing titles will have to be anticipated in the coming weeks, as well as the jury of a competition that will consist of twelve films, “will be composed only of women, because gender equality and diversity will be strongly considered ”.

One of the special events of this edition, about local products, will be the documentary The Truffle Hunters, directed and produced by Michael Dweck e Gregory Kershaw, with executive production by Luca Guadagnino, which premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival. The film tells the life of some elderly Alba truffle hunters, their rituals, their relationship with dogs and with the territory. The event is organized in collaboration with the International Alba Truffle Fair and with the Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Board. The film will be distributed in Italy by Sony Pictures. “It is an important film, of international scope, which tells one of the products of the excellence of our territory through a little known profession that knew an ancient charm”, declared the president of the Piedmont Region.

The 38th edition of the Torino Film Festival, with a budget down by 25% compared to last year to 1.5 million euros, it is renewed both in structure and in use: for the first time, an online program will be added to the presence in the room. “Looking ahead, designing a festival that, given the current situation, has chosen to accept the challenge, we also wanted to completely rethink its visual identity, reconnecting the threads with the past, with the city and with what the building is like. symbol and since 2000 seat of the National Cinema Museum: the Mole Antonelliana and in particular the twelve-pointed star which constitutes its highest point. Maintaining a strong link with the territory, the Torino Film Festival presents itself as a widespread festival both thanks to the application of digital technology and to a capillarization of the proposals. Between screenings, events and special initiatives, the festival will arrive in many parts of the city (and beyond), expanding its impact throughout the territory. “

“This year’s edition will have this double soul”, he says Stefano Francia of Celle, director of Turin Film Festival. “The opening to the web will be accompanied by a strong and renewed link with the local cinematographic and cultural realities. My goal is to decline the contents of the festival even in unusual places, involving new interlocutors and audiences, to (re) discover what Turin can give.12 points, 12 places that, drawing the map of the festival, evoke the 12 points of the Star of the Mole, the dodecahedron protagonist of the new visual identity of the event”.

They will be then six masterclasses announced at the 38th Torino Film Festival, a series of meetings with protagonists and authors of international contemporary cinema, “a free chat that is not limited to a cinema lesson but that goes further, highlighting lesser known peculiarities of the protagonists.” The Masterclasses are: Unpredictable Stefania with Stefania Sandrelli and Andrea Occhipinti, curated by Massimo Sordella; Turin expedition with Aleksandr Sokurov and his pupils, edited by Alena Shumakova; Nature in the cinema with Giorgio Rights and Paolo Pejrone, edited by Gian Luca Favetto: To train the new generations of filmmakers and activists with Mohsen Makhmalbaf, curated by Fedra Fateh and Vahid Rastgou; Cinema and social equality for a fairer and more sustainable world with Waad Al Kateab and Taghi Amirani, curated by Fedra Fateh; Women in film: the evolving voices of women in cinema, guests to be defined, by Fedra Fateh.

Appointment for the Torino Film Festival 2020 from 20 to 28 November next.



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