The Tiny Toons are back, with Steven Spielberg serving as producer

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The nostalgia business doesn’t stop. How will the adventures of the adorable creatures be 30 years after its premiere.

The first episode aired on September 14, 1990; the last one, on May 28, 1995. 30 years after their debut, the Tiny Toons will return to the fray with new episodes.

Tiny Toon Adventures was an American animated children’s television series created by Tom Ruegger and produced by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Most of the characters in Tiny Toons were designed to look like younger versions of the more popular Warner characters. The famous cartoons will be relaunched with two seasons available on streaming. The producer: Steven Spielberg again.

For those who do not remember the funny story: everything happens in the Acme town. The characters attend the Acme Looniversity school and there they learn to be funny, thanks to the morisquettes of emblems such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky, Silvestre Cat, Coyote and Grumpy Elmer.

HBO Max and Cartoon Network announced that these two seasons have been commissioned for new generations. Tiny Toons Looniversity is the name of the project. From the official Looney Toons account they promoted this return with a funny image and a phrase: “Acme is going to light up.”

Each chapter will last 30 minutes and will feature the participation of the original characters.

The two main characters are both rabbits: Buster Bunny, a blue rabbit, and Babsy Bunny, a pink rabbit. Both are inspired, of course, by Bugs Bunny. The rest of the animated cast: the Pato Plucky (a green duck), Hampton Pig (a pink pig), Fifí La Fume (a white and purple fox), Shirley The Loon (a white seagull), Dizzy o Dizzy Terremoto (a purple Tazmanian demon), Peluso (a blue cat), Tweet-pi (a pink canary), Coyote Calamity (a white and gray coyote) and Beep Beep (a red and orange roadrunner).

The nostalgia business seems to have no end. And not only when it comes to animation. Between last year and this year, dozens of projects related to bringing to the present old characters that marked childhood were announced.

Handling old titles and recycling them seems to be the preferred formula today. Despite the motto “second parts are not good”, in the United States they bet on the recipe for second, third and fourth parts. In the list of children’s premieres arising from old hits are the new Matilda, the new story of My poor little angel, the new animation fiction of Ninja Turtles and Rapunzel, with “flesh and blood” actors.

As for adult audiences, a few days ago Netflix released the remake of Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock’s film released in 1940). Tanks like Scarface, Father of the Bride Y A prince in New York. The latter will again star Eddie Murphy (on Amazon) after the record-breaking comedy in 1988.


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