The Time Bomb returns to the Konex patio to celebrate Spring Day with a streaming show

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After the “recess” forced by the pandemic, this Monday, September 21, the percussion group will play its drums again in a new format.

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to put a large part of the planet’s population on edge, this Monday, September 21 at 7 p.m. The Time Bomb go back to Konex Cultural City, to celebrate via streaming and to the whole world the Spring day, and end a nearly six-month drum drought.

One must know what Santiago Vázquez and his allies thought would happen with their proposal that Monday May 8, 2006, when they went on stage at the Centro Cultural del Abasto to test, in front of some 300 people, that idea of ​​doing percussion in a collective of 16 musicians coordinated through a sign language invented by its director.

But the truth is that the idea lit a wick that made La Bomba begin to explode a little stronger every Monday, to re-ignite the next day and consume throughout the week until the next outbreak and so on. over and over for 14 years.

At some point, the famous Monday Bomb that it revolutionized the Buenos Aires cultural circuit, it became routine, and it became the most convincing event in the city; For many, a mandatory appointment that was completed week by week with an occasional local and also international audience that multiplied its impact.

In addition, the idea of ​​adding a guest for each meeting, added a new attraction, which allowed us to see artists such as artists in a different situation than the one we are used to. 13TH Street, Tacvba Cafe, Jorge Drexler, Julieta Venegas, Natalia Lafourcade, The Sticker, Bite, The Kanka, Prophetic Culture, The Pipers of San Jacinto, Arnaldo Antunes, Emir Kusturica, Pedro Aznar, Kevin Johansen, Rubén Rada, Paulinho Moska, Jarabe de Palo, Hugo Fattoruso and Catupecu Machu, among many others.

Somehow, the improvised percussion experience from un system of more than 70 signs, which results in a group composition in real time that was fed back with the energy of that crowd that weekly gathered in the great courtyard of the Konex, making each show unique and unrepeatable, and that it acquired a ritual character that it was replicated in different parts of the world and enjoyed by more than five million people throughout its history.

At this point, The Time Bomb He has toured all over Argentina -participating in Festivals, performing shows and parties- and also visited Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. Early 2016 went on an international tour with shows in England and the United Arab Emirates, where they opened for Santana at the Dubai Jazz Festival. In 2019 he offered four sold-out shows in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin and London. Unfortunately, the tour scheduled for Europe for this 2020 could not be, because of the pandemic.

The same pandemic that forced the ritual to go into a kind of lethargy, waiting for the conditions to allow the return “home”, to sound again. Only as those conditions, six months after the “stop”, are still elusive, La Bomba found a way to force the reunion, although for now it is not a present body

Therefore, with the arrival of spring, some of that wonder of sharing will return through the band’s first streaming, which will be broadcast from the Konex patio, this Monday, September 21 from 9 p.m., with Knowing Russia as guests. Tickets are available from $ 330, through



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