Fog is a staunch enemy of driving, especially when it is so thick that you can barely see the car in front of us. Despite knowing the correct use of vehicle lights, especially the fog lights, to cope with driving through a fog bank, There are another series of tricks to be able to get out of the situation.

How to demist your car windows

One of them It’s the three V’s trick courtesy of the Civil Guard. East tip It is a very easy rule to follow that combines speed, safety distance and visibility on the road.

The rule is that the visibility distance in meters must be the same as the speed of the car and the safety distance with the passenger car in front of us. Thus, if, for example, visibility on the road is about 50 meters, the safety distance that is maintained with the preceding vehicle should be another 50 meters and the maximum speed at which it is circulating should be 50 kilometers per hour.

Likewise, another additional trick is to always look at the lines painted on the road and lane lines, Since they are reflective, they are visible even in low visibility conditions and allow us to anticipate the route of the road, so that curves or other unevenness do not surprise us.

Follow the lights of the car that precedes us and never use the long ones are two other tips from the manual very useful for surviving fog banks in winter. Too it is recommended to be proactive and check the state of the roads in the website of the Directorate General of Traffic or by calling 062. In the profiles in social networks information on atmospheric phenomena that may interfere with driving is also published on these organisms.