“The Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” Trump said at his rallies. “Shut them down,” his supporters say, recalling similar scenes four years ago in the Hillary Clinton case.

Defeated in opinion polls, the 45th US president is trying to reverse the trend by accusing his Democratic counter-candidate of corruption. The accusations are channeled through the son of the Democratic candidate, Hunter Biden.

The Hunter Biden scandal dates back to the summer of last year, when Donald Trump tried to put pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart to facilitate the opening of an investigation into the activities carried out in Kiev by the son of the former American vice president. These pressures turned against Trump and led to the opening of an impeachment procedure, concluded earlier this year by the Republican-dominated Senate’s refusal to remove the one elected to the White House four years ago under their label.

Mothballed for several months, the Hunter Biden case has been brought back to public attention recently, with new accusatory and insinuating elements.

Hunder Biden and the prostitution network

ACCUSATION “Hunter Biden has paid non-resident women from Russia or other Eastern European countries who appear to be linked to a prostitution ring,” accuse the authors of a report released on September 23 by the Internal Security and Finance Committees, both led. of Republicans.

Biden Camp’s RESPONSE – Elected Conservatives have been promising to make explosive revelations about Hunter Biden for more than a year, but have chosen to make them public six weeks before the election in an 87-page report that already compiles public information anyway. of insinuations made so far. “The New York Times” sees in them an echo of a disinformation campaign coming from Russia. All sentences and phrases are formulated with “possible”, “seems”, “potential” and other such words.

$ 3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow

accusation “Hunter Biden received a $ 3.5 million money transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow,” the Republican senator said in a report. Donald Trump took up the accusation in a press conference, wondering about the reasons for this money transfer.

ANSWER to the Biden camp – Examining the report, it appears that Elena Baturina made a payment of $ 3.5 million to the account of Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment consulting firm, and not to Hunter Biden. The transaction took place in February 2014, in exchange for a consulting contract. Has Hunter Biden been touched by this money? Republican senators say they have documents, but do not publish them. But Democrats who consulted the evoked documents give assurances to Politifact that nothing binds Biden to this money, nor to the company that received it.

Ukrainian businessman

accusation “An explosive e-mail reveals how Hunter Biden introduced his Ukrainian vice president to a vice-president,” the conservative newspaper The New York Post wrote on October 14, spreading the latest rumor about Hunter and Joe Biden.

According to the tabloid, an adviser to the management of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, sent an e-mail to Biden’s son in April 2015: “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to (Washington, DC) DC and that you gave me the opportunity to meet your father and spend time together. It is indeed an honor and a pleasure. ” At the time, Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, and unlike his predecessors, he played an important role in the administration, especially in foreign policy. He was mainly responsible for the Ukrainian case, when tensions between Kiev and Moscow were high as a result of the removal from power of Prussian President Viktor Yanukovych, an act followed by the annexation of Crimea by Russia. At the time, Hunter Biden had been recruited to the board of Burisma, a company owned by a former pro-Russian power minister, Mikola Zloseevsky. The new job of the vice president’s son gave birth to conflicts of interest at the White House.

ANSWER to the Biden camp – The Biden camp raises questions about the authenticity of the e-mail. Or the e-mail would have been obtained, that is, from a laptop left to be repaired in April 2019 in a workshop in Wilmington, the city of residence of the former vice president. Noticing that the laptop was not claimed by Hunter Biden, the trader allegedly made a copy of the hard drive and sent it to Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer. And from here the e-mail reaches The New York Post. Rudy Giuliani had been trying for a long time to find compromising information about Joe Biden, to such an extent that he came in contact with a Ukrainian lawyer who turned out to be a Russian agent.

Joe Biden’s former foreign policy adviser, who says he attended “all the meetings about Ukraine,” says the vice president “never met that guy.” The US ambassador to Ukraine says the same. Even the report of the Republican senators does not mention anything about this. There remains the possibility of a handshake and an exchange of words in any event.

The resignation of a Ukrainian prosecutor

accusation “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden has stopped the proceedings, and a lot of people want to know, and it would be great if you could do something with the attorney general. Biden boasted he stopped the charge while you could find out. Everything seems horrible to me, “Trump told Zelenski during a telephone conversation in July 2019, two months after the presidential election in Ukraine. The US president hinted that Joe Biden would be pressuring as US vice president to stop a judicial investigation against his son Hunter.

ANSWER to the Biden camp – In 2015, one year after the removal of the pro-Russian power, Ukraine was endowed with a new Prosecutor General, namely Viktor Shokin. He had also inherited the Burisma case, but had been dismissed in just one year. The Obama administration has been pushing for Shokin’s dismissal, but it has not been the only one. The European Union and the IMF have supported it in this endeavor.

Steven Pifer, who oversaw the Ukrainian case under the Clinton administration and Bush’s son, told Politifact that “everyone felt that Shokin was not doing his job and should be fired.” A view shared by Daria Kaleniuk, who leads the Center for Anticorruption in Ukraine. Shokin was accused of covering up corruption and sabotaging reforms. The Burisma and Zloşevski cases were also at a standstill, a former deputy of Shokin, Vitali Kasko, confirmed for Bloomberg.

Yuri Lutsenko, Shokin’s successor, has decided not to open an investigation against Biden’s son. “Hunter Biden has not violated Ukrainian law, at least for now we do not see any wrongdoing,” he said. Lutsenko also met with Trump’s personal lawyer to discuss the matter. He was fired a few weeks after Trump’s phone call to Zelenski.

“I absolutely never talked to my father about the company’s business or consulting services, nor about my initial decision to join,” Burisma swore to Hunter Biden in The New York Times in May 2019. never talked to my son about his business relations abroad “, said Joe Biden in September 2019.

Business in China

accusation For several months now, Donald Trump and his camp have been trying to label Joe Biden a “puppet of China.” They present as an argument some profitable deals made by the son of the Democratic candidate, evoking a sum of 1.5 billion dollars. These allegations are based on a documentary broadcast by The Blaze, a conservative website. The film starts from a book published in 2019 under the signature of Peter Schweizer, a conservative author.

ANSWER to the Biden camp – Indeed, in June 2013, Hunter Biden teamed up with a Chinese businessman named Jonathan Li. Together with other partners, the two set up an investment fund: BHR. Hunter Biden was on the board, but without pay, writes The New Yorker. According to a BHR representative, Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between his Chinese partner and his father. Jonathan Lişi Joe Biden shook hands in the lobby of a hotel of the American delegation. Nothing more, Hunter Biden’s lawyer assures.

Biden’s team did not agree with such an episode, with some even expressing embarrassment. Also, several foreign policy experts appreciate for Politifact that Hunter Biden put his father in a delicate position.

The $ 1.5 billion evoked by Donald Trump appears in a July 2014 Wall Street Journal article. This article is about a fundraising goal. By that time, Hunter Biden had been leaving China for six months. Biden’s son’s lawyer assures that this colossal amount was never reached and that the fundraising stopped at $ 4.2 million.