The Thomas train changes track and arrives at the cinema with Marc Forster

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The infamous animated series The Thomas Train, which gave birth to a huge merchandising, becomes a film directed by Marc Forster and produced by him together with Mattel Films.

From 1984 onwards, children from most of the world have glued themselves in front of the small screen to watch at least one episode of the animated TV series The Thomas train, which told of a group of trains and other anthropomorphized means of transport that lived on the island of Sodor and experienced amazing adventures. Today’s news is that these characters, who have given birth to incredible merchandising, will arrive in the cinema thanks to Marc Forster, which is not just anyone, since he directed, in addition to Quantum of Solace e World War Z, films for children and about children: Neverland – A dream for life e Return to the 100 Acre Wood. Forster he will also be a producer with Mattel Films

The Thomas train is now in its twenty-fourth season and over the years has had illustrious voice actors, including Ringo Starr, Alec Baldwin e Pierce Brosnan. The source of inspiration is a series of books written by the reverend WV Awdry, entitled “The Railway Series” and based on the stories that Awdry he told his son Christopher sick with measles. obviously Marc Forster adored The Thomas train when he was little, and that’s because, as the executive producer pointed out Robbie Brenner, “Thomas is a beloved worldwide franchise that underlines the importance of friendship, a theme that is very dear to children and parents in every country. “

The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t give us any other news about the project, currently known as Thomas & Friends- The Movie. We would like to know, first of all, if it will be an animated film or with real actors. This second hypothesis seems the most probable, partly because the daily bread of Forster it is live action and partly because all cartoon fairy tales today change “shape”.



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