The Thai government has declared a state of emergency on Thursday morning local time due to protests. In the country’s capital, Bangkok, protesters have camped outside the prime minister’s office. According to Thai state television, protesters have also blocked the royal car convoy.

The protesters demanded a prime minister and a military junta Prayuth Chan-o-chan difference. In addition, they call for constitutional and monarchical reforms.

In the spring of 2014, the Thai army, under the leadership of Chan-o-Chan, seized power from the government. With the coup, he promulgated a new constitution that made him the prime minister of the country with the greatest powers.

– Several groups of people have organized illegal public gatherings in Bangkok. They have obstructed the royal car convoy and seriously jeopardized national security. Urgent action to bring the situation to a swift end is extremely necessary in order to maintain peace and order, state television reported.

Shortly after the announcement, the Thai administration banned gatherings of more than five people and access to buildings designated for the authorities. In addition, the publication of news and messages that “may cause fear or affect national security.”

Protests in Thailand have been going on for a couple of months now. Criticism of the monarchy has been taboo in the country for a long time, as it is prohibited under the Majesty Criminal Code.