The TAS ruled against San Martín de Tucumán and promotion burns again

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The club, which led zone B of the Primera Nacional with a three-point advantage over Defensores de Belgrano at the time of the suspension, argued that if the contest could not be completed, promotions should be determined by sporting merits.

The Arbitration Court for Sports (TAS) rejected the appeal presented by San Martín de Tucumán, which had rejected the decision of the Argentine Football Association to define the promotions of the First National to the Professional League in a mini-tournament, whose form of dispute is still is unknown, and he had demanded that a place be awarded in the highest category of national football.

The organization based in Lausanne (Switzerland) confirmed the determination adopted by the mother house of vernacular football on April 29, which ended the current season of the First Division, the First National, the First Metropolitan B, the First C, First D and Federal A; it annulled the demotions and fixed that the promotions would be resolved through the dispute of reduced tournaments.

The Tucuman club, which led zone B of the First National with three points of advantage over Defensores de Belgrano at the time of the suspension of the contest as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, argued that if the contest could not be completed, promotions should be determined for sporting merits.

The CAS not only evaluated that the decision adopted by the AFA, which was communicated by Official Gazette No. 5768 and endorsed by the Extraordinary Assembly held on May 19, was valid, but also imposed on San Martín the payment of 2,500 Swiss francs ($ 2,721) to the governing body of national football “as a contribution to the legal and other costs incurred” and also the payment of arbitration costs (the amount has not yet been set).

The TAS notification is extremely brief, so it is expected that in the coming days it will make known the grounds for its resolution. Last week, President Claudio Tapia said that the AFA attorneys had asked the Court for a prompt resolution of the case, for which the decision would be known first and then the arguments.

Tapia said then that he would not accept without problems a resolution favorable to the interests of the Tucuman club, although he made it clear that he did not agree with the path taken by the San Martín leadership.

“I do not agree, as the president of Argentine soccer and because the statute does not allow it, that a club goes to court without exhausting the administrative instances because it is not right by law and because there are sanctions,” argued the president.

The TAS resolution had an immediate impact on Tucumán. The president of San Martín, Roberto Sagra, rejected the decision and pointed again against the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa, whom he pointed to as responsible for orchestrating a plan to favor Tigre, a club that also plays in the First National and of which he was president.

“We still don’t have the grounds for the ruling, obviously it gives it absolute discretion. But today it was demonstrated that the power of Massa is above all, of the sports institutions and of the people, “said the Tucumán leader in statements collected by La Gaceta.

We will have to see what position the leadership of the Tucuman club takes and if the team (which is dismantled) will present to play the Reduced tournament that will now define the two promotions to the First Division. The truth is that this ruling rekindles the controversy and the ascent is burning again …


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