The ‘tail of a whale’ prevents a derailed subway train from falling into space

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A sculpture has prevented a tragedy in the Dutch town of Spijkenisse this Sunday. A subway train had derailed and would have fallen from the elevated track on which it was circulating had it not been for the artwork, which represents two whale tails, he halted his march in midair.

The train had arrived shortly before midnight at the end of the track but, for reasons that are being investigated, it continued its march, broke the fence that marks the high and went straight ahead. It is a line raised to about ten meters above the ground.

However, the subway locomotive remained seated in the sculpture, shaped like a whale’s fin. In fact, it’s called like that, Whale tails, and it was made in polyester by artist Maarten Struijs. It was placed at the end of the subway tracks in 2002

So all that first car was suspended in the air, supported by sculpture. The vehicle was without passengers and the driver was able to get out on his own. Now the authorities are studying the safest way to remove it.



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