Continue the controversy with Luis Suárez’s Italian exam to be able to get nationality and be able to sign for Juventus. Despite the fact that this option has been discarded since he signed for Atlético de Madrid, in Italy there has been a big stir with the alleged scam they say was the proof, all in order for the Uruguayan to approve and thus facilitate his signing.

Last Wednesday, the ‘Corrielle della Sera ‘leaked some conversations between María Turco, a Juventus lawyer, and Simone Olivieri, general director of the University for Foreigners of Perugia. The calls between the two began at the beginning of September and against the clock, since Suárez should get his passport before October 5, something that was not achieved and for what finally did not reach Turin.

After the first suspicions of a possible fix, the Guardia di Finanza opened an investigation analyzing the calls between Turco and Olivieri. In them, from Juventus they offered the University of Perugia be the center “for all non-EU players that, in the future, they will need the Italian exam “, all this in order to” do everything what is necessary to solve any problem about Suárez“according to the Corriere.

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Suspicions regarding the Uruguayan’s examination indicate that this knew the exam questions before taking the test and prepared the responses from memory.

Now, with the case in the hands of the prosecution of the Italian Football Federation, it will be examined what influence did Juventus have on this and what other part did the player, which will also need to indicate how the examination process was explained to him.