Erling Haaland continues to leave a mark in each game he plays. Before him Witches, the Norwegian forward scored two of the three goals in the victory of the Borussia Dortmund and, how could it be otherwise, he was summoned to speak to the media after the meeting.

The Norwegian attacker, like all the spectators, possibly were not expected the surreal interview to which he was subjected. From the first question it was seen that it was not going to be a common one.

Have you already placed your hair? You have not had to use it to score two goals, which have been with your feet “, the journalist questions him, in relation to the tape the striker played with. He dribbled somewhat surprised, and replied with a typical and typical footballer response : “It was a good night and three important points for us.”

After asking him about the preparation before the match and about his sixth goal against a Belgian team, two questions reasonably foreseeable and within the usual parameters, the reporter left Haaland knocked out: “Are you going to sleep alone tonight? You are not taking a girlfriend home tonight, you have not scored a hat trick tonight. “Somewhat annoying, the footballer replied with two monosyllables before leaving.

It has not transpired how this unexpected interview sat the head of this journalist, but Rodrigo Fáez, who for years was in beINSports and Movistar + in similar tasks (it was the reporter to whom Cristiano Ronaldo confessed that he was leaving Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions final, for example), is clear that it would have cost him dearly: ” I ask that last question and they don’t fire me, I resign directly and I’m going to empty the European bars. “