The Super TC2000 returns with its figures, a former Formula 1, strict protocols and faster cars

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The most technological category of national motorsport begins its season this weekend at the Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack.

No one would have imagined that December 15, 2019, when Leonel Pernía was crowned Super TC2000 champion with the Renault official team, that it would take 277 days for the category to hit the track again. The pandemic and mandatory isolation postponed the long-awaited start of the 2020 season for more than half a year, as it was scheduled for last March. Finally, the most technological category in the region will put first at the Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack in the City of Buenos Aires.

The longest wait in its history is behind us. Motorsports is the first discipline to officially return for Argentine sports in a pandemic situation. And this weekend the debut date of the Super TC2000 will crystallize on the Buenos Aires asphalt. The same will happen next week.

With many news and the salient points that fall on the new cars, under the brand new technical regulations that will show the most aggressive vehicles, and the arrival of an international figure, such as the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, the former Formula 1 driver, as a member of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team.

Low strict sanitary protocols, the cars will show a different physiognomy, more elaborate aerodynamically, which will allow greater speed in the curves. This Thursday the community tests will be held at circuit No. 8 of the Buenos Aires racetrack.

It will be much more attractive to the pilots. We always want more speed. And this new car will give us that seasoning that is at the height of the history of the Super TC2000 ”, said Pernía, who will go out to defend the number 1 in the Fluence.

Renault comes off three ideal seasons, as in 2018 and 2019 his teammate, Facundo Ardusso, had achieved the respective crowns with the same model.

In front you will have a team that will go out to battle. Toyota reinforced its structure with a remarkable impact. To the categorical representation that Matías Rossi possesses within the structure of the Japanese brand, the Brazilian Barrichello, the former teammate of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, now joins, who will undoubtedly generate a great attraction.

Both pilots arrived on a private flight from Brazil, as they competed at the start of the Stock Car season in the neighboring country, experiencing a permanent round trip that will extend through the 2020 season.

By delaying the start of the calendar, the Super TC2000 will end on February 14, 2021, so it will meet the 12 competitions scheduled at the beginning of the year, although reduced by 10 dates.

Along with the experienced 48-year-old Brazilian rider, the youngster will also race as a teammate. Hernán Palace, just 20. After competing in the TC2000, he will make his senior class debut in an official Corolla.

Beyond the official structure, Toyota will have the debutant team Midas satellite, with the pilots Ricardo Risatti and the young man Valentin Aguirre, which the weekend won at the TC.

This year the Super TC2000 recovers a historic one of the national tracks. Juan Manuel Silva He is part of the official Honda team. He “duck”Will race together with Fabián Yannantuoni, Juan Ángel Rosso and Nicolás Moscardi, the last TC2000 champion. All of them with the Civics.

The Fiat team was already with the brand new Cronos at the Gálvez when the protocol day was held. It was not a sports trial, just to adjust sanitary measures. The team of the Italian brand will have Franco Girolami, which has enormous potential. Bruno Armellini and Matías Muñoz Marchesi will also compete there.

Chevrolet, an iconic brand in the history of Argentine motorsports, will have Canapino x 2. Agustín Canapino will have the technical responsibility of his father’s official team, Alberto. And the Mendoza Bernardo Llaver It will be the other pilot of the brand of the bow.

The large fleet that the Super TC2000 will show will have two teams that will fight from the private sector. They are not structures that officially represent the automotive terminals.

Engineer Luciano Monti will make its debut at Monti Motorsport, with a Chevrolet Cruze under the leadership of the Patagonian driver José Manuel Urcera. While with the Citroën C4, Javier Ciabattari’s team will have three cars on the track, led by Marcelo Ciarrocchi, Juan José Garriz and José Manuel Sapag.


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