The substitutes decided for Lillestrøm in Sigurdarson’s comeback

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(Lillestrøm – Ranheim 3–1, YMCA – Tromsø 1–1) It seemed that Björn Bergmann Sigurdarson would get a gloomy start to his Lillestrøm comeback. When the Icelander left the field, his replacements turned the match around.

Great expectations have been attached to “debutant” Björn Bergmann Sigurdarson, who got the chance from the start in his LSK comeback.

However, the Icelander failed to make his big mark on the match, and instead it was Eirik Valla Dønnem who sent the guests in the lead just before the break at Åråsen.

After an hour, Sigurdarson was replaced and replaced by Fredrik Krogstad. At the same time, Ebiye Moses came in for Magnus Knudsen.

And it was precisely the two substitutes who were to do it for Lillestrøm. Five minutes before the end, Ebiye Moses scored the equalizer, and in overtime Fredrik Krogstad sent the hosts in the lead.

Ranheim threw himself forward in the hope of an equalizer. Then there was room the other way. Thomas Lehne Olsen parked Eirik Valla Dønnem, rounded Ranheim’s goalkeeper and put in 3-1 for Lillestrøm.

Thus, Lillestrøm is up in 5th place and has a pilot on direct promotion. Now the Canaries are only four points behind Ranheim in second place.

The table leaders from the north started the 14th round of the league in the Obos league when they had a match start half an hour before the other seven matches.

There they got anything but a good start when Alagie Sanyang punished Tromsø when the guests from “Nordens Paris” lost the ball.

The edge did not allow itself to be asked twice and put the ball safely in goal behind Tromsø goalkeeper Jacob Karlstrøm.

It could also have looked worse for Tromsø, but they went to a break at the position 1-0 to YMCA. In the second half, however, the guests fought back.

Zakarias Opsahl snuck free on the back post and widened into a corner from Kent-Are Antonsen.


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