The stupidest censorship on Facebook: he banned an onion because it is too sexualized

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Facebook’s automated anti-nudity filters have finally stopped the little ones from seeing pornographic images on their feed! namely an onion that has been reported as inappropriate

Gaze Seed Company tried to advertise on Facebook using an image of onions in a basket, reports CBC, but was blocked by the Facebook algorithm. The official reason? Facebook’s algorithms ruled that the image was “obviously sexualized.”

It’s a funny mistake, for sure, and it raises questions about the types of things that go into these algorithms. But at a more basic level, it also illustrates that the moderation of artificial intelligence content is not yet fully prepared.

Unfortunately, the Gaze Seed Company’s post did not clarify what about the onion – which the ad describes as “extremely sweet, light and large” – or the onion’s position was “obviously sexualized”, as Facebook claims.

“I received a notification the other day that it was an ‘obvious sexual image’ that they were supposed to ban from the site,” Gaza manager Jackson McLean told CBC. “I think something about the two round shapes there could be misinterpreted as breasts or something, naked in a way,” he adds.

For now, McLean and company are struggling with what must be a bizarre but disturbing algorithmic error. “I thought it was funny,” McLean told CBC. “You have to have a pretty active imagination to look at this and get something sexual out of it. In fact, extremely sexual… ”.

“We hope that a real man can look at the photo and decide that it has no sexual connotations,” he added. “It’s just onions.”


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