The strong message of the Boca medical director: “This is not a Copa Libertadores game, we are talking about life and death”

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Guillermo Bortman was concrete when it came to marking the importance of the health of the players in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

With 22 soccer players infected by coronavirus, Boca tries to prepare as best it can to face what will be its re-release in the Copa Libertadores, on September 17 in Paraguay against Freedom. Sports are in the background when it comes to people’s health and the one who drew a totally realistic picture of the situation of athletes (in this case, players) in the midst of this pandemic was Guillermo Bortman, Club Medical Director.

In dialogue with Fox Sports, carried out a detailed X-ray of what this virus is, the consequences for each other, the importance that must be taken and the saturation that exists in the national health system.

“You lose, you don’t play a game, you lose the Libertadores for a year, nothing happens. A team like Boca, which has an impressive history worldwide, nobody is going to die because they do well or badly. I want them to all come out alive and well, “he remarked.

“We are facing a very young disease. What we doctors say one day, the next we have to change. They saw things that happen, there is no treatment that has been shown to work. We are facing a different disease, one that does not We know almost nothing. They want to compare it with influenza A, but it came with treatment. Now we have nothing. We also don’t know what will happen in the future. In athletes, we do not know what will happen. protocol based on today’s guidelines. We do not know if COVID patients will be left with respiratory sequelae. Or if those who leave intensive care will be left with fibrosis or pulmonary thrombosis. “

“We know little about cardiovascular disease. We know that in a study presented a weeks ago in Germany, 78% of patients have a degree of myocarditis, an inflammatory process of the cardiac muscle fiber. All viruses can do it. In fact, influenza, parainfluenza … We study the patient with chest discomfort and we see that the electrocardiogram shows an alteration due to this myocarditis. There are some fulminants that end in transplantation. We are trying to learn a serious, serious disease. that affects him, affects him badly. And seriously compromises people’s lives. “

“Some will have a worse time. Those will have their recovery time. You have to be cautious and see what to do with the athlete, how to act afterwards. Even with asymptomatic patients. Is there going to be some kind of thing to evaluate in the patient Or simply as a flu-like state? There are things that are uncertain and we lost our minds so many times … Months ago, hydroxychloroquine was magic and today it is poison. “

“We have to be careful in how we explain to the population. Today we have prevention, which is to take care of ourselves. And the issue of the ‘bubble’. What is it? It is an aseptic place where nobody enters or leaves. It feeds the players and athletes? It is impossible that there is not someone who enters or leaves. Not here or anywhere in the world. In Formula 1, which has a wonderful ‘bubble’, there are cases. In the US Open, a wonderful ‘bubble’, covid cases. It is not the fault of the doctors, or the place. This is so. “

“There are cases everywhere. In the center of Trinidad Miter, an 82-year-old doctor who worked and took care of himself died last week. Is there negligence? Is there negligence in the fact that the Prime Minister of England has been infected? talk of negligence in the middle of a pandemic or level of infectivity like this. Everyone is at risk. Young people believe they are immortal. Little happens to them, but there is a minimal percentage (0.6 percent) that the It happens horrible. Everything is not so simple. On the medical issue, which sees the City of Buenos Aires exploited, we, those of us in the trench, the doctors, the nurses and paramedics who risk everything. The problem would be mine. “I put myself in the trench, but my family pays for my decisions. It is exposed. People have to understand. The therapists are saturated. This is not a Copa Libertadores game. It is deeper.” We talk about life and death “.

“What happens somewhere if there are more or fewer cases, is irrelevant. As long as people have a good time it will be a blessing from God and we will remember it as an anecdote. The serious thing would be if something happens to any member or athlete. Later, to speak of negligence with a pandemic level is too strong. You see the UFC, in highly civilized places. Milan, New York, Madrid, Guayaquil have caught fire with deaths everywhere. It is too bold to say that they are spread through of the bubble, which for me does not exist “.

“I say it from the heart, we must take care of the healing. They stopped clapping. They yell at you with both that you are going to a supermarket because it is going to spread. The doctors came out to applaud at the Güemes Sanatorium because one of them had died and they said it was a lie, that it was verse. That is the important thing. What we live in the trench, watching people die. The rest seems stupid to me. When one lives between life and death, every day and feels these things … Athletes must be cared for professionally. You lose, you don’t play a game, you lose the Libertadores for a year, nothing happens. A team like Boca, which has an impressive history worldwide, nobody is going to die because they do well or badly. I want everyone to come out alive and well. “

“Look how interesting. There are suspicions that Ángel Di María and Neymar had it before the holidays. It is very likely that many athletes are competing with COVID and it goes unnoticed because 70 percent are asymptomatic. Being negative like any flu, eliminated the viruses and with cardiological controls, athletes can go back to playing sports. And we have to do a follow-up to see what is happening. If we do not have evidence in athletics, soccer, basketball, that the athlete is negative and with normal cardiovascular functions , I see no impediment for him to do full physical activity. Different is an ordinary person or another athlete who has something more complex and complete recovery in three or four months. Athletes tend to have a better clinical condition than the conventional population, because they they feed better, they have a laboratory, they are not inflamed. What is inflamed? It is a particular disease, similar to the flu, which has a second inflammatory phase. oria, with release of substances that make an inflammatory storm in the body. It expresses the inflammatory picture as pneumonia. Or those with cardiovascular disease are more exposed than the healthy population. “

“Not much is known either, there are reports of new infections. When a person is infected with the antigen bug, immune responses are generated with two types of memory. One is guided by cells and the other is antibodies. The vaccines that are heard (Oxford, china , Japanese) seek immunity guided by both forms. Antibodies fall as the months go by. But the immune memory remains. The most likely thing that happens is that a person has it for the second time, but being with Immunological memory, don’t get seriously ill. “


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