Roweena Russell She is a 45-year-old British woman who was infected with coronavirus last April. Now, six months later, he still has strong side effects, and some truly strange.

Has a constant taste of blood in your mouth, which causes nausea. Also has daily chest and kidney pain, and your heart rate is skyrocketing.

“My feet and hands are swollen and they have changed my shape and I have had to change my diet, because carbohydrates make me agonize “, says Roweena in statements to the newspaper ChronicleLive.

“Before the Covid I was a healthy person, I was able to do a handstand, do cartwheels and took long bike rides, up to 60 miles (97 km), and needed only 10 minutes to recover,” he says. “Last week I took 6,000 steps, the most since I passed the virus, and it took me three days to recover“, Add.

In addition to the physical problems, his brain has also been affected. “It is very difficult for me to concentrate. I am exhausted, I feel exhausted“, dice.

As if that were not enough, Roweena also suffers from memory losses. “My biggest concern is thatWhat impact does this have on the people around me?“, he concludes.