The young woman explained that she visited Romania a few years ago and that it is related to her Romanian roots.

“My parents are both Romanians, they were engineers and they emigrated to the United States just a few years before I was born. I grew up speaking English and attending schools here, but I always felt very connected to my Romanian origins and my ancestors. I even visited Romania a few years ago. I think that the innovation we are working on will be able to be applied all over the world, so I don’t think it’s just an American achievement, it’s an international one “, explains Sara Luchian for Digi24.

Asked if her parents’ history influenced her career in any way, Sara explained that she received her passion for engineering from her mother.

“As I said, my parents were engineers. In her youth, her mother wanted to be an astronaut or rather, a cosmonaut. He failed to fulfill his dream, he became an engineer. It may not have reached the stars, but it did get here, which allowed me to have a lot of opportunities. I have always been encouraged to be interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. I was somewhat opposed. I have a degree in psychology and business, which has given me a thorough preparation for the passenger experience part, but I have always had an affinity for engineering because here I am, unexpectedly, at a company where I am surrounded by engineers. And the fact that I appreciate different cultures, and where my parents come from, helped me understand that I have to look for the right solutions for everyone and get a little out of the strict American approach and think about how we can make the whole world a place. better. I think all this has contributed to the way I have chosen my path in life “, she added.

The young woman then spoke about the project she is working on, emphasizing that, together with the team she is part of, she is looking for transport solutions that meet current needs.

“If we stay only with the old means of transport, we will continue to face the same problems: congestion, traffic, pollution. We are looking for a solution that meets the needs of the 21st century. Our goal is to connect cities like a huge subway network. We do not want to replace all other means of transport, but we want to improve the way we have access to each other, to the family, to cheap housing and quality education and medical services and so on “, Sara Luchian also reported.