The Stella della Mole award, a new recognition from the Torino Film Festival, will be awarded to Isabella Rossellini

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The Stella della Mole Award for artistic innovation of the 38 Turin Film Festival is awarded to Isabella Rossellini, a multifaceted artist of international fame.

The Stella della Mole Award for artistic innovation of the 38th Turin Film Festival will be awarded to Isabella Rossellini, multifaceted artist of international fame.

“With this Award, which represents not only the Mole Antonelliana but all the historical cinematographic tradition of our city, the National Cinema Museum and the Turin Film Festival want to pay homage to the Seventh Art and its protagonists – underlines Enzo Ghigo President of the National Cinema Museum. The new course of the TFF, which combines past, present and future, is perfectly summarized by the image of the star, an ideal link, a precious symbol full of meanings. We are delighted that the first to receive it is Isabella Rossellini, an internationally renowned artist, forerunner of that cinema so close to the TFF philosophy and always committed to the preservation of historical memory ”.

The new symbol of the Torino Film Festival is also the protagonist of theguide image of this edition, as it connects the historic technological excellence of Turin with its innovative spirit and constantly evolving creativity. This spectacular 12-pointed star is original, universal and timeless. By choosing the Star as its symbol, the Torino Film Festival wants to celebrate its commitment to innovation, diversity and collaboration. The star of the Mole Antonelliana connects Turin’s past with its future, the “cradle” of Italian cinema with new artists from all over the world who are celebrated at the festival.

The Motivation of the Stella per la Mole award

New at the 38th Turin Film Festival is the Stella della Mole Award for artistic innovation that will be awarded to artists whose contribution to cinema is equally original, universal and timeless. The Torino Film Festival has the honor of awarding the Stella della Mole Award for artistic innovation a Isabella Rossellini as recognition “for his inexhaustible creativity, the exploration of all forms of art and the immeasurable ability to transform himself to interpret with equal effectiveness both Alfred Hitchcock and a spider. With his elegant grace, his refinement and intrepid ability to exploring new horizons has been able to bring beauty into every form of art in which she has measured herself, from cinema to theater, to music videos, to fashion. Isabella Rossellini is loved and appreciated all over the world for her original, universal and unconventional art. time.”

The Prize has a completely unique technological component and is made of aluminum through the advanced Additive Manufacturing technology, thanks to the collaboration of Polytechnic of Turin and with the involvement of Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0, the pole constituted by the two Turin universities together with 23 industrial partners for the dissemination of skills related to Industry 4.0.

The initiative is part of Turin City of Cinema 2020, a city project of Turin, Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Film Commission Torino Piemonte, with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, Fondazione per la Cultura Torino


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