Gordon Ramsay is a famous chef. Also famous are Wagyu oxen, whose steaks are outrageously expensive. The most expensive is the Wagyujen Rolls Royce, the Kobe bull.

A man who had visited Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse in Atlantic City with his girlfriend had booked a table in advance and he was prepared to eat well and of course spend money on it.

Let’s take a small gourmet briefing in between. The Wagyu bull is very marble. The finest Wagyu in the world comes from Japan, the Kobe region.

Wagyuta and Kobe may be used interchangeably, but Kobe bull has always been bred in Kobe, the capital of Hyōgo Prefecture. All Kobe is Wagyu, but all Wagyu is not Kobe.

Kobea at a discount

That man thought he was ordering a Wagyu steak (grown in the United States). About 200 grams (eight ounces) cost $ 70. The surprise was great when he saw that a Kobe steak cost half as much.

– I had never eaten Kobe in my life. I am a big man, I ordered it 340 grams with a calculator to cost about $ 50, says the man.

– The steak was amazingly good. I could by no means believe that Kobe is cheaper than Wagyu.

Well, it wasn’t. When the bill came, the man noticed that the price he was looking at from his menu was in ounces.

Kobe steaks cost $ 600. Admittedly, it came with a few side dishes.

The menu should therefore be read carefully, but:

– I regret nothing. It was the best steak I ever ate.

Write about the expensive steak, among other things The Mirror.