In the video, the goals and highlights of the match. NHL can be watched on V Sport channels and Viaplays.

Tampa Bay Lightning Nikita Kutsherov worked hard for his team’s championship. In 25 playoffs, the Russian striker knocked the powers 7 + 27 = 34.

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Wayne Gretzky holds the top three. The sporting legend made 31 assists in 1988. A year earlier, Gretzky scored 29 goals in the playoffs, and in 1985 he scored 30 assists.

Fourth is Mario Lemieux, who collected 28 assists in 1991.

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Kutsherov was so excited about the championship that he arrived to joke about the post-match press conference. Ryan McDonagh tried to answer a reporter’s question about Steven Stamkos, but Kutsherov joked first behind the camera and soon alongside his teammates as well.

– Good team! Who’s next? Next question! Kutsherov shouted.

You can watch a video of the situation here.

A record man

Tampa Bay’s Andrei Vasilevski, meanwhile, set a record in the playoffs. Vasilevski is now the goalkeeper who watched the biggest minutes in NHL history in the playoffs.

The Russian guard was in the playoffs between the poles for a wild 1708 minutes and 12 seconds. He is the tenth goalkeeper in NHL history since the 1967–1968 season, having played all the playoffs in one season.

Vasilevski conceded an average of 1.9 goals per match and defeated with 92.7 percent confidence.