The sport will introduce regulations against racism: AaFK supporters will receive additional punishment

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ULLEVAAL (VG) As a result of the Eliteserien’s top scorer Amahl Pellegrino (30) was exposed to racism from the stands after the match between Aalesund and Kristiansund, both the sport and Aalesund are now taking further action.

Through a recently appointed committee, a joint guide will be prepared for use by clubs and leaders in racism cases in Norwegian sports.

Football, normally the country’s largest public sport, is at the forefront through the interest organization Norsk Toppfotball, and both the Norwegian Sports Confederation (NIF) and the Norwegian Football Confederation (NFF) will participate in the work.

– We will create a common protocol to resolve such issues in the future. How to act. It will make it much easier for a general manager in a club to have a set of rules to comply with, says project manager Freddy Dos Santos in Norwegian Top Football, the association of the 32 clubs in the Eliteserien and Obosligaen.

The guide must be ready well in advance of the start of the 2021. Season. The selection is already ready for one of the points it will contain:

– Shutting people out is not enough. We need more in the toolbox. Anyone who makes racist statements must go through an attitude-creating program. Then you have to go out and meet your visions at the door. It is a more correct and modern way to change murky attitudes. A much worse shame hook, describes Freddy Dos Santos.

Precisely this program must the Aalesund supporter, who

against Kristiansund striker Amahl Pellegrino at Color Line Stadium on October 4, through to be able to return as a guest on the favorite club’s home field when the ban of just over a year is over.

This is confirmed by club director Geir S. Vik to VG.

– We think so, yes. I have spoken to the person in question a number of times, and he is a very remorseful sinner, who is affected by the situation and who is also afraid of the social consequences for himself. It was a moment of stupidity. But this will be a condition if he is to return to our arenas, says the Aalesund boss.

The club received one on the penalty to the supporter, which is exclusion from the stadium until the 2021 season. Amahl Pellegrino described it as “a step forward, nine back”. Now the person in question must attend adult education as a kind of additional punishment.

– Is there an admission from Aalesund that the punishment was too lenient?

– I think it is completely natural to incorporate in that program. We have pointed out this week that we do not have common guidelines to follow. Then it is natural that we front on this work, if it turns out that the supervisor recommends longer sentences. Then we will expand it, Vik answers.


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