New quirk for the list of eccentricities and luxuries of Conor McGregor, with the arrival of latest lamborghini to your collection. However, this time, he has not gone to the Italian brand to buy a car, but to win a I already.

Nothing more and nothing less than him Lamborghini 63 Yacht By Tecnomar, a racing car from the seas of the prestigious nautical brand in association with the car manufacturer, which designed the yacht in collaboration with Italian Sea Group, specialist in custom boats.

The base price of this exceeds 3 million euros, but this goes up as extras are added. A “sea ​​supercar“as McGregor has described it, 19.2 meters long and 24 tons, which reaches 60 knots (111 kilometers per hour) with a 4,000 horsepower engine.

The Lamborghini 63 Yacht By Tecnomar is part of a limited edition of 63, in homage to the birth of the Italian company in 1963. McGregor is “just” the twelfth buyer.

I am excited to see the final result during the next sailing season“he assured after acquiring it from the Italian Sea Group in Marina di Carrara, Italy.