Beyond the record of Sergio Ramos or the debut of Unai Simon Y Marcos Llorente, the first game of this November concentration left little to scratch for the Spanish soccer team.

Even though Luis Enrique got positive readings, especially at the end of the game the game of Spain left a somewhat negative feeling. The changes worked halfway and the lack of a goal is still very present, something that must change if they do not want to be scared so much in the UEFA Nations League, immediate commitment, as in the next Eurocup.

The positive readings can be summarized as:

Pressure from the start

The best minutes for Spain were at the start of the game. It is not by chance that the goal came before half an hour, and with a great play that culminated Sergio Canales to pass from Alvaro Morata. The counterpart of this was that, when the lines were misaligned, the Netherlands began to gain spaces and long balls.

Morata sweet moment

Although he did not see the goal, Morata was very protagonist in the attack of Spain. The forward of the Juventus gave an assist, got between the lines, unchecked … He showed the qualities of a ‘9’ that Spain needs. Unlike Traoré or Dani Olmo, the Madrilenian was much more participatory.

Koke, the axis

Veterancy is a degree and Boil he was one of the best of the game. The rojiblanco crossed all the balls, measured the times and held out when he had to, and even stopped the game so that his teammates could catch their breath. Key in the recovery of the ball, he associated very well with both those above and those behind. its circumstantial captaincy it is nothing more than the prologue to a must sooner rather than later.

Unai Simón allows the alternation

Although it was a friendly, Unai Simon He was confident for practically the entire match. At a time when so much De Gea as Kepa are discussed, the Athletic Club showed that he is prepared to be the alternative.

Although unit ‘B’ in Spain had good readings, also left bad. And for a team that aspires to everything, you have to improve in:

Defense does not give confidence

The central couple, Eric García and Iñigo Martínez, did not leave the trust that the Ramos-Piqué or Piqué-Puyol once left. Difficulty getting the ball played, especially at the end of the game, is something to work on. The few minutes it had Sergio Ramos they did not improve this aspect either.

Asensio does not start

It was already clear in the game between Real Madrid and Valencia that he is not yet 100%, and the same has happened with the national team. Misplaced, without offering, without overflowing … And, above all, he lost the mark of Van de Beek in the Dutch goal. Clearly needs improvement.

The effervescent pressure

The pressure with which the game started faded as the minutes passed. “In the second half we had imbalances in pressure, but we must recognize the difficulty of playing against the Netherlands. We will have to rectify it,” admitted Luis Enrique.

No benchmark scorer

The most serious problem in Spain remains unsolved: missing a goal. Morata’s good game did not translate into goals, which is what is required of him, and neither Gerard Moreno, nor later Traoré or Dani Olmo changed it. Without a goal, there is no football.